Harry Lennix and wife Djena, married since 2009, producing a movie together??

October 1, 2015
First Published On: October 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Actor Harry Lennix has accumulated a lot of experience as an actor in the past thirty five years in Hollywood, working with some of Hollywood’s biggest studio and production houses. He had always cited his hopes and dreams of someday opening his very own production house.

His dream became a reality last year when he launched his production house. He has been making headlines ever since, starring and producing in plays and theatrical stage drama set up by his own production company.  Recently, he along with his wife Djena, produced a street version of William Shakespeare’s ”Henry IV”, which was titled “H4”. Harry also starred in this production as the lead and the play was highly acclaimed by critics as being ground breaking in modern theater projection. 

Lennix and his wife have also started a crowd funding to make five more movies over the next three years with hopes of achieving over a million dollars through the crowd funding procedure. He has said that his production house will be giving independent movies to show case their talent to a wider range of audience. It could also lead to a revolution in the independent movie industry, as it has a small market size due to lack of funds.

Harry and wife Djena Graves have been married since June 2009. They were married in Harry’s home town Austin, Texas. The wedding was attended by some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Keanu Reeves, James Spader, and Lawrence Fishburne. Harry, being a professional actor, married outside of his profession. His wife Djena is the CEO of the company ICV Capital Partners.

Djena is also known for her humanitarian works and is on the board of several organizations which look into girl’s education and mentoring services as well as aiding sexually exploited girls and women. The couple doesn’t have any children so far, but have expressed hopes of starting a family together in early 2016.

Lennix has had a very successful career on TV with over a dozen shows under his name. He is known for his show Dollhouse and The Blacklist. The Blacklist is also one of the most popular shows in America. It also has been ranked as the most viewed show in the year 2014-15. Lennix’s character Harold Cooper is one of the key characters in the show. The show has recently been renewed for a third season by the studio NBC.

Harry has been a part of several of Hollywood’s biggest movies over the years. His most prominent roles have been in movies like The Matrix Reloaded, Stomp the Yard, Collateral Damage, State of Play and Man of steel. His upcoming movies include Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which he will be returning as character General Swanwick. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is also the most anticipated movie of 2016.

Harry is fifty years old and is anticipating his fifty-first birthday, which falls on the 16th of November. Henry and Djena have announced that they will be hosting an extravagant party to welcome Harry’s fifties on the 16th. Harry is not much of social net worker and seldom post feeds online. However, he can be followed @HarryJLennix on Twitter. Harry does not use the popular picture sharing site Instagram.