Harris Faulkner's Story of Success: Freelancing to Fox

June 30, 2016
First published on:June 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Forget about anchor earning $9 million annually. Let me tell you the success story of an anchor - Harris Faulkner. Starting her career as a freelance business writer getting paid $50/article, this is a struggle of a Fox anchor who now has her own program Fox Report. Not to mention the six Emmy. So how did she manage to come such a long way?

With a B.A in mass communication from the University of California, Harris decided that she will turn to Journalism. She turned to L.A. Weekly as a freelancer. With a rate of $50 per business article Harris started her passion, but it was nowhere her last stop.

In 2003 she got an internship at KCOP-TV. Although she was no longer a freelancer the job was nowhere what she wanted. Soon she moved to WNCT- TV based in North Carolina where she worked as a news anchor and reporter. Through her devotion to the job, she was able to take her career to new heights. Changing her employer to Fox News affiliate WDAF-TV, she finally moved to KSTP-TV, Minneapolis in 2000 where she met Tony Berlin- her future husband.

It was in KSPT-TV that Harris was awarded her first Emmy.

“…I got an Emmy the same time I got a Tony.”

It seems KSPT is something she thinks highly of, giving Harris the platform and the stage of a potential great anchor.

Harris Faulkner in Outnumbered              Source: washingtontimes.com

After she left the agency Faulkner joined Fox News Channel in 2005 as an anchor and commentator. And now here she is, in her fifties- one of Fox’s finest. With her coverage of the Vice-presidential election and debate night to death of Whitney Houston and Kim Jong-II, her experience as a journalist has grown vastly and she has contributed significantly to Fox’s achievement. She is also co-anchor of Fox-Time and Outnumbered.

Improving her talent, giving it her all and furthermore trying even harder Harris has come a long way, we must say. Now she works alongside Megyn Kelly, Rachel Bonetta, Jenna Lee and other Fox girls and are the imperative reason for FOX’s success.

Regarding her personal life, Harris married Tony in 2003. They dated almost for two years before getting married. Together they have two daughters born on 2007 and 2009. Prior to Tony, there are no news of her being affiliated to any other guy. However, Harris did mention of a stalker who followed her. Now with six Emmy in her achievement, it seems her career is far from being over.

Although not explicitly stated, it seems Harris commands an attractive salary and has a pretty solid net worth as well. Her net worth is estimated to be in millions and with growing tenure, it is estimated to increase even more.

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