Harlan Coben, author of over 25 novels, talks about his new series, The Five.

March 16, 2016
First Published On: March 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Well guys! Harlan Coben, the king of crime thrillers is back with a bang. This time it is his new novel, ‘The Five’.

“We are going to twist you and turn you”, says Coben to The New York Times. And yes he is certainly is about to after all he is Harlan Coben.

When it’s a novel from Coben, we know it is going to run chills down your spine. You would keep on thinking what would happen next with every turning page.

Yes! The same is going to be in his upcoming novel, ‘The Five’.

He says ‘The Five’ is a variation on this theme. It starts with a group of kids playing in a forest and telling a younger kid to leave them alone. Crying, he heads from home and is never seen again. Twenty years later one of the groups, now with a police detective in a team is called to a murder scene. The DNA they find at the scene turns out to be missing boy’s.

Good, right?” says Coben, clearly still pleased with his twist. You certainly are about to get a nice turn.

Harlan Coben is a well acclaimed American author of mystery and thriller novels. The main plot of his novels are generally centered on past and unresolved issues. They include resurfacing of unresolved or misinterpreted events in the past. Rape, murders and fatal accidents are some of the unresolved issues with a multiple twists and unexpected suspense are featured in his novels.

His wife and children have to say that they are the greatest fan of his writing. Considering his happy married life, divorce is something alien in their life.

The author really knows how to run chills down the reader’s spine. Once a person starts reading his novels, remember , they are hooked right in there. The novels are that good and some of its series are such that we would wish it never to end. So, we must say the awards he has got are duly earned.

He won the 1998 Barry Award for  his Myron Bolitar novel, ‘Back Spin’. It was also nominated for Dilys Award and the Shamus Award in 2002. His another novel ‘Tell No One’ was nominated for the Anthony award, the Macavity award, the Edgar award and the Barry award. In 2010, ‘Live wire’ won the world’s most lucrative crime fiction award. He was successful to earn the RBA international prize for crime writing, worth Euro 125,000 for this very novel.

There is no doubt that Coben is one of the most successful authors in the world. He even falls under the top 100 richest authors of all time. His last eight books have all debuted at number one in the New York Times bestsellers list. He has 60 million books in print in 41 different languages. His sales climb with each new release. He writes one every year and never misses his spring publication date. This time it is ‘The Five’.

The net worth of this one in a million author is $25 million.