Hannah Spearritt dating S Club 7 bandmate/ex-boyfriend Paul Cattermole. Ex husband-to-be Adam Thomas heartbroken

HitBerryPublished on   25 Aug, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

Are we getting another S club 7 reunion just months after their reunion tour? No, but band members Paul Cattermole and Hannah Spearritt are apparently back together. They have apparently been back together for over two months now. Maybe, they rekindled their romance during the tour. The couple has been photographed several times since.

After the couple was seen kissing on the London underground, a source for The Mirror said, "They looked completely loved up and couldn't take their hands off each other."

"It was obvious quite a few people on the tube knew who they were and were staring but they didn't care and kept kissing each other. Paul looked absolutely smitten and kept staring into Hannah's eyes."

And while Spearritt and Cattermole couldn't be happier, her ex- fiancé Adam Thomas isn't.  Spearritt got back together with her band mate after she broke up with her husband-to-be Adam and he is still broken hearted. Adam told The Sunday People that Hannah used to call Paul fat. He said, “Hannah moaned to me until she was blue in the face about Paul – she said he was so fat he could hardly dance."

“And now she’s with him. He’d moved into my bed before it’d got cold – that’s the biggest kick in the teeth."

Adam, who used to be Hannah's trainer before they started dating added, "I’d do anything for that girl. I was so happy. I wanted her to be my wife. I wanted children with her. I saw the rest of my life with her." 

While the couple had not yet set a date, they were in love and wanted to get married.

I’m an emotional wreck. I’m having counselling, I’m on anti-depressants.”

About their meeting, Adam said, "When we met I’d honestly never heard of her."

"I knew S Club 7 but wouldn’t know she was in the band. Three months later we started dating and at Christmas I proposed. It was a bit of a whirlwind but it felt right. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Kind and thoughtful – I couldn’t sing her praises enough.”

And while he is still in love with his ex-fiancée, he still admitted that seeing Paul and her together hurt.  Pictures of the new couple started surfacing on Instagram and Twitter soon after they confirmed their relationship.

But that doesn't bother Hannah and Paul. She dismissed Adam's claims, saying, "We're not bothered. No one is going to ruin what we have. We're really happy together. Everything is great."

The couple dated back in 2001 when Hannah was just 20 years of age but they broke up in 2006 after Paul accused Hannah of cheating on him with actor Andrew Lee Potts.