Hanna Mangan-Lawrence loves her job.

April 14, 2016
First published on:April 14, 2016
by HitBerry

This Bed of Roses actress is famous for her remarkable acting potential. For her exceptional performance, she has been nominated for various awards like AFI awards and Logie awards.

For her impressive work in the Australian movie Thirst (2012), she received nomination for Best Performance by a Young Actor by Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards

Some of her outstanding role in TV shows includes series like Spartacus: Vengeance, Old School, Containment, etc. Besides this, she has also worked in various movies like Thirst, The Square (2008), The Reckoning (2014), Beyond the Reach (2014), etc.

Starting her movie career in 2005 with short films like Simulation 1201 and Galore, Hanna has gathered significant name and fame for her.

She has expressed how she loves her profession as an actress. Having an interest in acting from her childhood, she is very glad to have taken this profession.

Not only is Hanna an admirable actor but has also represented Australia as a member of the elite gymnastics team even winning her the title of Acrobat of the Year -International – Senior in the year 2005.

Hanna is a very competitive person who tries to learn from others and compete against whom she thinks as her role model. According to her, it provides a feeling of competition which encourages internal growth.

Currently, Hanna seems to be dating Chris Woods as seen from her Instagram pictures of them kissing each other. Beside Chris, it does not seem Hanna has dated anyone. If she would have, we doubt she would hide it.  

Right now Hanna is living a happy life with his boyfriend Chris and it seems they tend to continue it that way. Although there are no rumors of marriage, they might be thinking of getting married in distant future.

Since she has been dating a male, she is obviously not lesbian.

Hannah is a really beautiful babe. This hot brunette really knows how to keep her body in tone. One may even say that Hanna is the main attraction in the media she performs in. She has an average height of 5 feet 5.5inches.

Hanna has not yet been married but she may be looking at Chris as a husband material, or not! We don’t know that yet. But we do hope that she ends up with the right guy. Till now she does not have any children out of marriage.

She is active on Instagram and has around 12.5k followers until now. She does not hesitate to show off her relationship status as seen by her picture with Chris woods. She is also an occasional user of twitter and uses various tweets to keep in touch with her followers.

It seems her net worth is still under review. One can only guess that it must in millions of dollars. With her aspiring acting career, we think that she would surely land roles in many mainstream movies and TV shows.

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