Hank Hill

February 24, 2016
First published on:February 24, 2016
by HitBerry

Today we are talking about someone who does not even exist yet he is successful enough to entertain enough audience out there.

Yes, we are talking about the popular fictional character, Hank Rutherford Hill aka Hank Hill.

Hank is the main protagonist on the animated television series ‘King of the hill’. He lives in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas with his loving family. The character works as the assistant manager of the local branch of Strickland Propane, where he sells ‘Propane and propane accessories’. He is very amiable and likes to drink beer with his friends. More than half of this animated show revolves around him and yet he is not the lead character.

He is voiced by the series creator, Mike Judge. The Economist describes HIll as a generous and one of the wisest people on television. In 1997, Texas Monthly included him on its annual list of the most influential Texan.

As you can see in the world where the living people cannot put a mark on humankind, the fictional character like Hill marked an influence on people. We must say animation is one of the most powerful medi  to make this world a better place.

Hank is married to Peggy, whom he met at his workplace. They have one son, Bobby and he is super cute. The characters of both Husband and wife are something truly awakening. So guys! If you haven’t seen this show yet, I think you must give it a go. The show was published as one of the most recommended shows in 90’s by Texan magazine.

50% of the success credit of the show goes to Hank alone. He is a fan favorite.

Much of the humor of the show relies on Hank being a politically conservative, relatively introverted man. His character is inspired by the general, nothing-special person who has to struggle on showing emotions and cognitive dissonance. He shows what a simpleton has to go through to survive the new world.

Hill is uncomfortable with intimacy and sexuality. It is demonstrated by the running jokes throughout the series in which Hank is extremely averse and overreacts to physical contact. It is funny how he refrains from any kind of touch by others, especially, females (other than his wife.)

However, Hank and Peggy have a healthy and loving marriage. He is kind of a one man woman. The creator tends to show how a man should maintain his family and work life balanced through Hank.

Hank is passionate about his work. He delineates the honesty and tradition a man can possess.

The physical appearance of Hank is not so appealing. He is a tall man and is overweight.

Hence Hank is a protagonist portraying a hard working, honest person.


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