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Hall of famer Warren Sapp accused of physically abusing his girlfriend, Sapp denies the allegations

June 26, 2015
First published on:June 26, 2015
by HitBerry

Seems like NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp is always surrounded by controversies. The former NFL American Football Defensive Tackle recently landed in soup after he has been accused with charges physical violence against his aspiring actor and model girlfriend, Chalyce Moore.

Moore accused him of three counts of violence. He allegedly threw margarita on her face, he bit her middle finger when he was asked to leave by Moore and finally he stomped on her face with his Jordon sandals. And all these happened in her house. After the incident, Moore reported that she was hurt badly suffering bruise to her lower lips, abrasions and bruises on her shoulders, legs and on on one side of her temple. Besides that, Moore also complained of having concussion. These two were dating from a very long time. If Sapp is convicted of his wrongdoings then he’ll have to face consequences. He might be jailed for 18 months.

Sapp denies all the allegations despite his long history of legal troubles. He was arrested and convicted of the crime of domestic battery. According to the Phoenix police department, he was charged of solicitation and assault against two prostitutes. As per the women, Sapp and they had a heated argument over money and he used his force against them while in the room. Following the incident, the prostitutes quickly informed the 911. Sapp accepted his involvement in the prostitution but denied all the allegations about the assault. Though he slipped out of the controversy, he could not stop his indefinite suspension from his job as an analyst featured on NFL Total Access and NFL GameDay Morning. The year 2015 does not seem very favorable for the former NFL legend.

Sapp is one of the greatest NFL player of all time. He earned more than 150k before going bankrupt. Well, Sapp who lives his 12 years of football filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida also gave a full rundown of his critical financial situations. Sapp says he also lost his pricey possessions, the 2002 Super Bowl ring he won with the Tampa Bay Bucs and the National Championship ring he won with the Miami Hurricanes.

How did all these problems start? Well, its MONEY….. when you have money, you either come to the right track or you just fall in the pit hole of luxury and fame. So same might have happened with this former athlete.

When Sapp married Jamiko Vaughn, she would have never thought that he would be cheating on her. But he went on to do so. This legendary player had affairs with number of girls during his married life. He who has two children with Vaughn also has two other children from two different women.

After all his extra-marital affairs, his wife filed for a divorce. Vaughn got the custody for the both the kids while Sapp is paying gigantic amount of $13,168 per month in child support for each of the kids. Which is $316,000 a year. According to wiki, besides paying to his former wife, he is also obliged to pay $2506 per month for the child support of his child from an affair with Angela Sanders. And what more, he is also bearing the college expenses and monthly expenses for his illegitimate child from a woman named Chantel Adkins. If you go on cheating on your wife and spending the hard earned money on women then you ought to pay for all the troubles.