Gwyneth Paltrow's brother, Jake Paltrow and his wife, Taryn Simon expecting a child?

May 10, 2017
First Published On: March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Paltrow family is the family of sheer geniuses. From Jake’s sister, Gwyenth Paltrow to his father Bruce Paltrow to his cousin, Katherine Moennig, everyone in that family is blessed with brilliance.

Jake Paltrow is married to Taryn Simon. They ended up getting married after being in a relationship for a while and it seemed James had already thought of her as his wife.

They had met in 1999 and got married in 2010 after 11 years long relationship. Although they don’t have any children they might be expecting one. Both have stated many times that they might be thinking of having a child but never explicitly concluded that they will.

Now already at the age of 40, it might be time to get thinking about it seriously. Taryn herself is a well-known and recognized artist acknowledge of her art, sculpture and her performance. There are many rumors around the internet about them getting divorced but has been proven false.

Jake Paltrow is among the lesser known Paltrows and is always in the shadow of his family. Despite being a good director himself having even starred his sister in one of his movie, it was his sister who enjoyed most of the star light but it does not mean that she is not supportive of her brother. In fact everyone in the family recognizes Jake’s talent.

While is does not necessarily means that Jake is not popular, being a member of Paltrow family can be mentally exhausting. While other director have their own bio and trivia up in the internet sites like IMDB what Jake has, is a list of famous people he has a relation to.

Since his father was a director himself and his mother, an actress, Jake had a lot of involvement and contact to begin with. It was reported that Bruce once gifted Jake with a camera recorder which started his passion for the industry as a famous director as his father.

For his movie, Young Ones (2014), Jake won best screen play award from Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival. Similarly, he has also been nominated for his other movies. In the 2008 movie Good Night, Jake starred his own sister for the lead role.

This was also his debut as a movie director. Although the movie did not perform well in the box office, it was liked by many viewers. Jake has previously directed some episodes of the TV shows like NYPD Blue and Boardwalk Empire. His direction skill is second to none and praised by the cast as well.

Jake has also appeared as actor in movies like Greenberg (2010) and television shows like Last Call with Carson Daly (2002). His net worth has not yet been revealed but it estimated to be in millions of dollars.