Gus Sorola Married Wife Esther Sorola and living happily

July 4, 2018
First Published On: September 10, 2017
by HitBerry

Marriage is the beautiful bond between two soulmates. Only a few people get the blessing of having a happy married life. Among few of them, let us find out Gus Sorola married life and his love life.

Gustavo Raul Sorola aka Gus Sorola is famous for his work with Rooster Teeth. Gus tied the knot with a Youtuber. Let's dig inside Gus Sorola's personal life that includes his married life, relationship, and more about him.

Gus Sorola married to a Youtuber

If you watch Rooster Teeth then you will be familiar with the name Gus Sorola, a host of Rooster Teeth's video game podcast. Apart from this, he is a popular American actor.

The 39 years old Sorola is a married man. Sorola tied a knot with a YouTuber Esther Sorola. Though he is a recognizable face on the internet, there are not much of information on their marriage. We have to say, he tried his best to keep everything behind the curtains.

Gus Sorola and Esther Sorola source: Twitter

Sorola and his wife Esther likes to maintain a low profile life. Some sources have revealed that currently, they live in Austin Texas with their two dogs.

Gus Sorola source: Reddit

Crunch Time star Gus married Esther right after the graduation from college. Sources claim that the couple does not have any children till the date.

Esther and Gus Sorola, source: Taqplayer

If we take a quick look at Sorola's Instagram, he only shares pictures from his work. On the other hand, Esther posts pictures with Gus.

We hope in near future Gus family speaks more about their relationship and married life in near future.

Who is Gus Sorola?

An American actor and podcast host in Rooster teeth, Gu Sorola is from Texas near US-Mexico border. Apart from this Sorola is a founding member of Rooster Teeth Productions and is currently working at the same company.

Gus Sorola ,source: Reddit

We all love the character of Dick Simmons in the machine series Red Vs Blue voiced by Gus. You can find him in the movies like The Stangehood, Immersion, and much more.

Gus Sorola and Esther Sorola ,source: Reddit

You will be surprised to know, Sorola is also an ordinated minister of the Universal Life Chruch. Several marriages of his friends and colleagues were held by Gus. In an interview, he has described himself as an ambiguously human.

Keeping everything hidden, Gus Sorola is enjoying a blissful married life with wife Esther Sorola without any rumors of separation and divorce issues.