Gucci Mane shares his photo with Nicki Minaj, Find out their Relationship

The very popular American hip hop recording artist Gucci mane and the American rapper, singer and songwriter Nicki Minaj are reunited. The Trinidadian-born Nicki and the Georgia-born Gucci performed an onstage during the Beach Goth Festival at the Observatory on 23rd October 2016, in Santa Ana, Calif.

Gucci and Nicki's relation didn't turn out good after Gucci's controversial tweet on September 9, 2013, where he posted that he had had sex with Nicki. 

Gucci Reunited with Nicki and Shared a Photo with Her

Everything is getting better for Gucci Mane after he became free from an Indiana federal penitentiary where he spent three years for federal and gun charges since September 2013. After his controversial twitter battle with Nicki, they remained far from each other for a long period of time. But hey they reunited recently. Wanna know more?

While in October 2016, they were seen together when they performed on the stage during the Beach Goth Festival at The Observatory. 

Gucci mane and Nicki Minaj

Caption: Gucci mane and Nicki Minaj


Recently, Gucci has posted a picture on Instagram, where they are seen together, Gucci also shared the picture on Nicki's Instagram which indicates that they are in good terms.

Source: Instagram

In the picture, we can see both are holding up the six fingers and the picture was captioned as "Salute and much respect to @nickiminaj Zone6 stand up!!! #staytuned Legendary".

Nicki after her breakup with her boyfriend Meek Mill has taken a brave decision to reunite with her past colleagues which are working quite well for her. Let's see what was the cause behind Gucci and Nicki's bad relation in the past days?

What Ruined Gucci and Nicki's Relation?

Nicki and Gucci were friends who collaborated together on various tracks like 2009's "Slumber Party" and 2010's "Haterade". Their relation was going well before Gucci blasted a tweet in September 2013.

Video: Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane performing together in a concert 

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In his tweet, he claimed he paid $60 Nicki a night for sex, however, Nicki immediately denied the fact they ever slept together for which she took her own twitter account. Gucci couldn't control his tweets as he again tweeted on the same topic on 10 September where he wrote:

So nikki I didn't Have u in atl for 2 weeks room rate 60 a night?

On a response, Nicki tweeted,

May God strike me dead if I ever had sex wit that man. Lmfaoooooooooo. N**** da way ya #ugliness is set up #BubbaGump #crackhead.

She added, "Jesus strike me dead right now if I ever had sex with this animal."

What happened to Gucci at the time? He was not stopping at all, he again tweeted on the topic about how he had sex with her.

Me and waka f**k nikki minaj dats nothing,” he wrote about Nicki. “Tell. Her intervention my d**k in her throat I moved dat b**ch to atl. B**ch u was sleepin n d car. B**ch. I pulled dat n**** off wayne bus.

These all twitter battle ruined their personal relation which was running since a long time. However, as the calendar turns to the new year, Nicki made her mind to make a good relation with the person with whom she kept distance in the past days.