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Gretchen Carlson and Husband Casey Close married life

July 7, 2016
First published on:July 7, 2016
by John

The United States of America  is the country of working hard as they say. More than that for this country of migrants they also refer as if a day is given extra for them, they shall strive in working harder rather than spending time with their family. That’s what most of them would do, but not Gretchen Carlson. Not at all.

Gretchen Carlson, who is a very famous American television commentator and author and also the Miss America of 1989 stands out in the crowd. No wonder she is the former beauty queen with brains. Gretchen would rather spend time with her family she claimed. Maybe that is the reason she has a really strong marriage till now with no rumors of divorce. Carlson, whose age is now 50 married Casey Close on October 4, 1997, and they have a strong relationship of 19 years of togetherness which is filled with happiness and joy. With two children whose names have not been disclosed in the media; Gretchen along with her husband Casey resides in Greenwich, Connecticut.

A graduate of Stanford University, Gretchen Carlson enjoys a net worth of almost $3 million and is one of the most prominent national celebrities of the USA. Although she shared a previous relationship with Kevin McGraw, it  ended quite short and soon after she married Casey meeting him on  a blind date. Yes, they met on a date and then their hearts strum the right chords as it seems since no such love affairs have been reported thereafter for this veteran star whose height is 5 feet and 3 inches.

Often in media Gretchen, who is a professional violin player too has credited her family and most importantly, her husband for being so supportive of her which is one of the main reasons for her both professional and personal life being so successful.Do you need a proof of that? Well, recently Gretchen filed a lawsuit of sexual harassment against the CEO of Fox News after her contract expired and guess who stood by her side all the while.

And if you just thought Casey is rather a stay at home dads you go there so wrong. Casey himself is a very successful sports agent( rather the highest paid in the US) and a baseball player.Ever heard of the New York Yankees and Calgary Cannons; well Casey Close was a part of it. As of now, though Casey is heading the baseball division of Excel Sports Management. Quite a perfect person, he is.

However, it seems the couple is on a roll for even Gretchen launched a new program- The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson on 2013 after her departure from Fox & Friends. Seems like they do plan all their stuff and have the much-needed family time in the house as every step they take both the husband and wife are very encouraging towards each other. Undoubtedly, the three C's- cooperation, content, and change are the keys to a prosperous married life.

We wish the couple more of a happily married life and hope they keep adding to their success.

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