Greg Mathis' Married Life with Linda Reese, together since 1995!

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” It would be a dream come true for most of us to live rest of your life with whom who we love. Surrounded by the rumors of breaks up and divorce, we are back with a different topic and it's all about the blissful married life of Greg Mathis.

Gregory Ellis aka Greg Mathis is living happily after years of marriage with his wife Linda Resse. So what's the secret behind their married life? Let's find out.

Greg Mathis' Married Life

Not everyone is blessed with a long-term relationship. A retired judge Greg has been married to his beautiful wife Linda Resee for more than 33 years. A caring father and a lovely husband. Mathis is a completely family man.

Judge Mathis, met his wife Linda shortly after his mother passed away. However, there are not much of information when they started dating or how they ended up being in a relationship.

Judge Greg Mathis wife Linda Resse, source: Pinterest

Mathis and Resse married back in 1985, and after three decades of marriage, their relationship is going strong as always. There are no rumors of their breakup, fights or divorce floating around the internet.

In an interview, Mathis revealed that during rough roads with college and his personal life, Resse helped him overcome his past and move on.

Judge Greg Mathis wife Linda Resse, source: Twitter

This pair is blessed with two daughters and two sons.

Despite being one of the recognizable faces, Greg prefers to live a low-key life. Apart from him, his family's personal life has been under the shade.

Judge Greg Mathis with his family, soucre: Celebrities For: Filipino Celebrities

As far we know, Greg's daughter Camara Mathis was engaged back in 2017 which he announced via Instagram.

If we take a quick look at Greg Instagram, it looks like he is proud of his children profession and often posts about them.

In an interview, Mathis shares some of his funniest moment with his wife.

Who is Greg Mathis?

Mostly known for advocacy campaign for urban youth, Greg Mathis, he's a national figure. Street Judge Greg Mathis who rose from jail to Judge has an inspirational life story which inspired millions of youth on finding a right track in their career.

With his non-profit agency 'Young Adults Asserting Themselves', he assisted millions of youths on finding a career in their life.

Wendy Williams Embarrassed By Judge Mathis, source: iytmig

Due to his valiant and commitment to work, Detroit named one of the cities with the name Mathis Avenue.

During his time on show Judge Mathis, the highlighted moment was caught when he brutally destroys Wendy Williams.

Mathis has been honored with several awards. The 57-year-old Greg appeared in the show like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Today Show and much more.