Greg Kinnear and his wife, Helen getting a divorce?

HitBerryPublished on   28 Mar, 2016Updated on   28 Mar, 2016

Is the 17 year old marriage of actor Greg Kinnear and former model Helen Labdon really coming to an end? Well you’ll have to hold on and stick with this article to know more.

Having started his journey with his debut in the TV show ‘E!’s talk soup’,  actor Greg Kinnear has established his name in Hollywood  with more than a dozen nominations including his Oscars nomination for ‘ As Good as it Gets’ and more than half a dozen wins from the nominations. His English wife is a former model/ tabloid ‘page three girl’ who gave up her modeling career to become a writer. The couple met in 1994 when she was working as an executive assistant on a movie. Helen says that it was love at first sight and Kinnear, who lost out on a Best Supporting Actor award in the Oscars, at a post-Oscar bash told New York City's Daily News that "I'm marrying the best lady in the world. That's the greatest prize."  That explains a lot about the special relationship they share.

In 2001,when Helen was 5 months pregnant the couple had to go through a tragedy because of the miscarriage of their first child who was stillborn in her womb. The couple was deeply saddened by this and it was hard to recover. But instead of breaking, their relationship came out stronger than before and now they are proud parents of three beautiful daughters, eldest Lily Katherine born in 2003, Audrey Mae born in 2006 and youngest Kate Grace born in 2009. Greg Kinnear does value his greatest prize after all.

This beautiful bond of marriage between these two has been rumored to be in the verge of breaking. Will this couple really part their ways? Is the rumor true? If so, what will happen to the custody of their daughters?  

Stay strong readers! This is just another false rumor and they are as strong as ever. The actor himself told the parade magazine in 1996 that "With Helen, it's very serious, one of the great loves,"  "My parents have been married for 40 years, and, from what I've seen just living out here, the idea of divorce scares me. I want to have a marriage and kids, but I've got to do it right the first time."  He is still in love and in marriage with Helen, they’ve got kids too. He is living by every words he has spoken when it comes to his marriage and family.

Born to Suzanne and Edward Kinnear, he has two brothers, James and Steven. When he was young, he had to move around frequently because his father was a career diplomat with the U.S. State Department. He had a seven-year stopover in Greece — where he learned to speak fluent Greek. He did move to Lebanon before Greece, The country he describes as Paris of Middle East and some countries after that. He has an extraordinary sense of humor as his friends say.

Kinnear has acted in over 40 movies and a lot of TV shows. His famous movies include You’ve got Mail, Someone like You, Nurse Betty, Little Miss Sunshine, etc

Greg Kinnear has a net worth of $20 million.