Greg Kelly Net worth: See how much this TV personality is worth?

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Greg Kelly is a well-known figure in the American broadcast journalism. He has been contributing in the field of journalism since the late 1990s and still active. Currently, he is working as the co-host of Good Day New York and is best known for his work as a co-host of Fox and Friends and White House correspondent for Fox News.

Greg Kelly is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S Marine Corps Reserve and has many cameo appearances in Ghostbusters: Answer the call as himself.

Greg Kelly

Greg Kelly

Greg Kelly Net worth

Greg Kelly being the co-host of Good Day is very famous for his work. Greg Kelly has work in many fields and gained lots of experience. He is one of the hardest working journalists in the American journalistic history.

Greg Kelly on Good Day New York

Greg Kelly on Good Day New York

According to Net worth age, Greg Kelly net worth is expected to be $100 Million and that’s what proves Greg's dedication towards his work. His main source of income is his work being the co-host of Good Day New York and Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S Marine Corps Reserve.

Apart from his hosting job he has also been involved in many movies like The Soup in 2004, Salt in 2010 and The Following in 2013.

Some facts on Greg Kelly's career

Greg Kelly already started working for WFUV as an on-air reporter while he was attending Fordham University.


In late 1990s Greg became an anchor at ABC affiliate WIVT-TV as an anchor for the morning news program situated at Binghamton, New York City. The interview he held in WIVT-TV with then US President Bill Clinton was one of his admired works there.

Greg also worked as a political reporter for NY1 in New York City and covered the 2011 mayoral campaign. His next major work in NY1 was the live report from Ground Zero on 11 September 2001. Greg with the United States Army's 3rd Infantry Division Greg, 2nd Brigade did reporting during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 as an embedded reporter.

Greg in 2003 became the first TV journalist to broadcasted live pictures of U.S military forces from Baghdad on 5 April 2003. After that, he went reporting for several countries like Gaza, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Greg Kelly coverage for Iraq

Greg Kelly coverage for Iraq

Later than he joined Fox 5 and hosted Good Day New York from 2008 till 2012. He was replaced by Dave Price but then again Greg got back to Good Day New York replacing Dave.

Aside from his journalistic work he is an officer in the U.S Marie Corps Reserves. He was a pilot of an AV-8B Harrier jump set assigned to the Marine Attack Squadron, the Wake Island Avengers. While on duty, he amassed over 158 aircraft carriers landings and flew over Iraq in Operation Southern Watch, enforcing the United Nations imposed No-Fly Zone.


Personal Life

Gregory Raymond 'Greg' Kelly was born on 17 December 1968 in Garden City, New York, United States. He was born to the former New York City Police Commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly.

Greg Kelly holds the graduate degree of B.A in political science from Fordham University.

Greg isn't married yet  nor there is any information about him being in a relationship.