Greg Gutfeld wants his wife, whom he married in 2003, out of the lime light

October 5, 2015
First Published On: October 5, 2015
by HitBerry

Greg Gutfeld is a very very famous person. But we rarely ever hear about his wife Elena Moussa. But that’s not a coincidence. In fact, it’s because he does not want his beloved wife to come anywhere close to the media limelight. The American television personality, who tied the knot with Moussa back in 2003, wants his wife to stay as far away from all the media hustle and bustle as possible. Why? Let’s find out.

Gutfeld is not a sexist or a dominating husband. So, why doesn’t he want his wife exposed to the media limelight? You might not know the answer but we do. Actually, this political satirist, author, humorist, magazine editor, and blogger has an important reason to do so. He is simply trying to be protective of his dear wife.

The host of Greg Gutfeld Show on the Fox News Channel is quite popular and has got millions of admirers as well as haters. Media and critics frequently make him their prime target because of his open nature and guts. He does not hesitate to say what he feels and when he says it, he does it in a way that either touches one’s heart or pinches it hard.

The famous host and one of the five panelists in Fox News’ political talk show, The Five has always been facing criticism from those who do not agree with his harsh, yet honest and true opinions. A few months ago, he openly dissed Pope Francis and expressed his dissatisfaction towards him by calling the Holy Father “the most dangerous person on this planet”. He has been criticizing Donald Trump for his racist, anti-immigrant and provocative speeches. This is why he has been under scrutiny of media. And this talented man, aged 51, does not want Moussa to be the victim of wrath of his haters. He wants the Russian beauty to be safe from the prying eyes of media, or that’s what we have been told.

According to an anonymous source, Gutfeld who resides with Elena in New York City, is quite protective of his wife. The insider said: “Greg is very much concerned about Elena. He wants her to stay away from the media lime light. He is not pressurizing her to do so, but he acts very cautiously and advises her to be careful while she is out of the house. And she is happy to do it as she is a rather private person.

“You know that Greg and Elena married quite secretly and the media didn’t even know about it. They only invited their families and a few close friends and the wedding was done. Both of them are not very fond of the media interference in their private affairs and are happy to be left on their own,” revealed that informant.

Gutfeld might try to keep his dear wife away from the public eye, but both the husband and wife duo are pretty active on Twitter and Instagram.