Greg Davies, age 47, hoping for a better year after losing his father and girlfriend last year

January 14, 2016
First published on:January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

What would you do if you lose the most important people in your life and break up with your lover at the same time? You would probably lock yourself in your room won’t come out for an eternity, right? But that is not the case with actor Greg Davies, aged 47.

This guy lost both his real life and on-screen father and broke up with his girlfriend at the same time, last year. But despite all the pain and heartbreaking memories, Davies has been moving forward bravely and he is hoping to overcome all of his problems and have a great time this year. 

The Welsh stand-up comedian and actor, who is better known for his roles as Greg in We Are Klang, had had the unluckiest time of his life, last year. His dearest father and actor Rik Mayall, who played the role of his on-screen dad, died in early 2015. He and his partner Liz Kendall split around the same time. But now, Davies is coping with his loss and hopes to have a better time this year. 

Davies talked about the death of his father and Rik Mayall and about his painful separation with his girlfriend cum partner. Talking to Radio Times magazine, the actor said: "My dad died a couple of months after Rik... it was a difficult year. It's a unique set of circumstances. It was incredibly sad. I was very close to my dad."

Mayall played Davies' father in the Channel 4 sitcom Man Down. Adding more to Mayall’s death, he said: "Rik was the dream casting for me. He was a childhood hero of mine, and I look like him. And he was beloved, as you saw when he died." 

"The adoration poured out for him. So never for a second did I think, 'That's OK, we'll just get another dad in.' "

And according to the actor, he spent 13 years as a drama teacher, which was the unhappiest period in his life. He said that during that period, he was "lost at sea" and felt "absolute self-loathing" before becoming an actor. But it was his on-screen father who changed his perception towards his life. 

And talking about his break up with his partner, he said: "We haven't been together for some time, but it was all very amicable and she is a good friend."

Though the actor did not say much about his former lover, it seemed that he and his Labour Politician partner still share a pretty close and healthy friendship. And a source close to the comedian revealed to us that the couple was still close friends with each other. They further stated that the actor has been hoping to find happiness in life as well as in his relationship. Davies and Kendall had been dating each other for quite a long time. 

Moreover, we hope that he finds the love of his life this very year and he soon gets married to his dear future wife. 

Though he has appeared in several movies and TV shows, his net worth remains undisclosed. 

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