Grace Helbig's merchandise at Redbubble. See her creative designs.

June 27, 2016
First Published On: June 27, 2016

Did somebody say merchandise?
Yes! That also Grace Helbig's merchandise! Say what? Name anything from t-shirts to posters to laptop covers to stickers to anything, anything. Your grace, Grace Helbig has it all covered!

     YAYYYYYYY!!!!                               Source: Tumblr

Grace Helbig definitely has to be a superwoman. I mean, she's everywhere! She's on YouTube, she's on the TV, she's on the silver screen, she's on the stage (live performances), how does she even manage it all? And on top of that, she came out with this really stunning line of merchandise! We're amazed and shocked and dumbfounded at the same time. How does this girl manage to do all that? 

And she definitely has to be an inspiration for so many people out there. If you look at her history(which you can find it right here), you know what she started with! A budding YouTube channel to kill her boredom because she was house-sitting for someone. And look where she is now, a YouTube channel worth 2.9 million subscribers and over 203 million views, web series, movies, documentaries, YouTube collabs with the internet fame, talk shows, awards, books and the latest, her own line of merchandise.

Talking about merchandise that Grace Helbig made in collaboration with RedBubble, let's hop right into what dear Grace has in store for us! Like literally in store.
There're so many awesome goodies in this line that we do not know where to even start. But first, let's talk about the absolutely gorgeous "Electra Woman & Dyna Girl" notebook. As it is, Grace Helbig as Electra Woman and Hannah Hart as Dyna Girl looking absolutely flawless on the notebook cover. How fun would it be to scribble on that notebook? I mean WOW! and the best thing is it's so pop artsy!

 Imagine this in a much better version on your notebook.                            Source: Bustle

And there are phone covers. OHMYGRACE! There's so many Grace on it like all sorts of Grace making all sorts of faces. You do know there's never too much of Grace Helbig in your life, right? Then there's a cutesy phone cover with a guy and girl version of wine bottles holding hands and asking us to 'EAT SHIT'. Like how adorable is that! 

And then there's a very, very much relatable laptop cover with the YouTube thumbnails sprawled all over it which says "So little time and so many YouTubers!". I know right! 

Source: Tumblr