Grace Helbig Networth, Salary, and Career

June 27, 2016
First Published On: June 27, 2016

Whoa! If you believe that Grace Anne Helbig is just another youtuber, you are so wrong and you definitely are missing so much in your life. She is not just a youtuber, Grace is a comedian, actress, producer, and author and that's not all. She is also the creator and host of the podcast Not Too Deep, 'twas a fun little podcast. 

Well, Grace was an exceptional girl ever since her high school days. Yup, the lady's success dates way back to her Gateway Regional High School days. She was a Gateway Regional track star and medal-winning pole vaulter. During her time in Ramapo College's School of Contemporary Arts, she founded a sketch comedy group called Baked Goods along with a friend of hers. She was even a part of improv classes at the Peoples Improv Theater in New York City. Now here's a little fact that might catch you a bit off guard. She was a semi-finalist in the Miss New Jersey USA 2005. I know right, who could've thought of it? Grace Helbig, a beauty queen like what? Not that she's not beautiful but what?

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A potential beauty queen Grace Helbig, how did her career  had such drastic turnaround?? Well, it all happened in the fall of 2007 in the South Orange, New Jersey. She was house-sitting for a family at the time. Imagine yourself in a strange house all by yourself, no one to talk to, no one to play with, you are going to be bored right so that's what happened! Grace was bored all by herself and that's when it popped! No, not a zit. Ewww! She started on a daily vlog thingamajig on YouTube as GraceHinABox where she would share her house sitting experience. And that's how YouTube happened to Grace.

In 2008, Helbig collaborated with her college roommate Michelle to create Grace n' Michelle, a YouTube channel which is completely inactive as of 2016. Alongside this, Grace also narrated animated web series, Bedtime Stories on My Damn Channel which didn't last that long but something came well out of it. She got this fantastic opportunity to have her own vlog series DailyGrace on My Damn Channel. But DailyGrace wasn't meant to be just limited to My Damn Channel, in 2010, DailyGrace made it to YouTube and in a time period of 3 years, the channel had 2.4 million subscribers and over 211 million views. Whoa! That's huge but that's not all!

Helbig transformed into a beauty guru on Bobbi Brown's Youtube channel I love makeup where she hosted Grace's Faces for a total of twenty-four episodes. In 2014, a new and improved form of GraceHinABox was relaunched on YouTube as it'sGrace which has 2.9 million subscribers. The same year Helbig co-hosted the footage of a summer travel themed web series #HeyUSA alongside Mamrie Hart on Astronauts Wanted, a YouTube channel which featured Kingsley, Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles, Colleen Ballinger, and Flula Borg. 

This year Helbig started a new series; Writing With Grace on her YouTube channel which allows the viewers to collaborate with her through Wattpad to co-write a novella called "Freak Week".

That was Grace Helbig on YouTube but it's not just YouTube where Helbig exists. In 2009, she featured as Barbie in the Care Bears on Fire's music video  "Barbie Eat a Sandwich".  Next, Helbig starred as Idol in Fine Brothers web series MyMusic. Talking about web series, she's done quite a lot of them; The Most Popular Girls in School, Side Effects, Epic Rap Battles of History, Oscar's Hotel for Fantastical Creatures, and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

She has also done a number of commercials and appeared on a number of TV shows and talk shows like Dancing with The Stars, The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, Celebrity Apprentice, and so much more! In 2015, she had her own comedy/talk show 'The Grace Helbig Show' for E! channel.

Grace has often graced us (get it?) with her appearances on many films and documentaries like Please Subscribe, a Youtube documentary by Dan Dobi, Corey and Shay's Vlogumentary, Camp Takota, and Smosh: The Movie by Alex Winter. She had her audio-video podcast Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig released in 2014.

Grace Helbig has published a self-help handbooks as well. Her literary works include Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up, and Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It. For her personality and everything she's done, she's been nominated for several awards and has even won it. Some of the prestigious awards she's won include IAWTV Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Streamy Awards, and People's Choice Awards.

With all that's happening, she surely knows how to keep herself busy, no wonder she has a net worth of $5 million. With all that things going on in her life, it's quite a surprise that she still has a kickass personal life and a mighty fun one too!