Gorgeous country singer Carrie Underwoods’ net worth. Know how her Career started in Music

March 30, 2018
First Published On: March 28, 2018

Carrie Underwood is an American country singer and actress who is mostly known as the winner of the 2005 American Idol. She has won the heart of millions of people by her singing talent. Today from this article, you will know all her earnings in detail and how much she’s been able to collect throughout her career.


If you want to know everything about Carrie Underwoods’ career in music as well as how she started making a career in singing, don’t stop reading the article. Through this article, you will also know the exact net worth she earns currently.

Carrie Underwoods’ net worth and earnings

Carrie Underwoods is a renowned country singer who is widely known all over the world. Her net worth has been talked about by many news sites. Through intense research, we were able to find that her net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $55 million - $85 million as of 2018.

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Let’s go back to when she had just started becoming famous as a singer. Back in 2005, her estimated earnings from the sale of over 9 million copies of her album ‘Some Hearts’ was $10 million. Two years later, again she released another album ‘Carnival Ride’ which sold over 3.314 million copies and summed the total earnings of $3.5 million.

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CAPTION: Carrie Underwoods' album 'Some Hearts' SOURCE: Some Hearts

Again after two years in 2009, her album ‘Play On’ sold more than 2 million copies and through that record sale Carrie earned over $2.4 million. A year later, she also planned for her first tour. From the first leg of the Play on Tour, she earned about $18 million. From another tour of 2011, only from the ticket sales, she earned $66 million.

CAPTION: Carrie Underwood singing on stage SOURCE: Atlanta Music Scene

Let’s move on to some of her assets. Back in 2012, she sold her Tennessee Home for $372,500. In the same year, her estimated earnings from sales of her album ‘Blown Away’ which sold over $1.6 million copies was $1.9 million. And in the same year, she again did another tour from which she earned almost $30 million.

Carrie Underwoods’ career in music

Although Carrie was interested in music from a very young age, she never knew that one day she would be such a famous singer. She started to sing at her church at a young age of three. She never took any lesson or training for singing, it was undoubtedly her natural talent by birth. She plays guitar and piano really well but doesn’t like to include those in her music videos.

CAPTION: Carrie Underwood as a kid and as a grown-up girl. SOURCE: Taste of country

The only time she actually starting taking training is when she tried out for ‘American Idol’. Her mom and close friends encouraged her which made her end up participating in the singing competition. Ever since she entered American Idol, she realized how important music was to her. Hence, she finally won the title for ‘Season Four American Idol’ and she officially started her musical career.