Good Wife star Zach Grenier is a great husband, shares the secret to happy married life

September 24, 2015
First Published On: September 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Zach Grenier has been married to wife Lynn Grenier for over twenty-six years, having celebrated their silver jubilee last year. Their love story is an inspiration for many couples around the world. While the world is now devaluing long term commitments, Zach has been a strong supporter of long term relationships.

Zach has asked his many followers and supporters to take an example from his married life. Zach married Lynn in the summer of 1982 and has never looked back since. There have been rough patches in their relationship, but the couple have overcome every scenario successfully because they were together.

Zach’s most valued message to young couples is to establish better communication between themselves. He has, time and again, said that many times couples split mainly because of lack of communication between partners. He also says that sharing is the key to having a successful relationship.

There are a number of online bloggers who have shared Zach’s advices to public. Zach also interacts with a number of followers and fans through these numerous blogs. According to Zach, there are a number of things that add up to having a successful married life. Zach has mentioned that “The key factors to happiness in marriage are trust, communication, understanding, sacrifice and most important of all love.”

Zach and Lynn currently live in Englewood and New Jersey and they are said to be preparing for a life of retirement. Zach has said that although he isn’t going to retire as an actor, he will not over burden his work schedule by taking on long hours at work. Lynn has always, throughout her career, remained a home based worker giving advice on interior decorating and home redevelopment.

Zach and Lynn have even helped their close friends and loved ones overcome several hardships in their respective relationships.

Zach has been able to influence people, not only through his relationship advice, but also as an actor and has featured in a number of Hollywood movies, which are considered to be the most influential films of all time. His most prominent role came in the movie Fight Club, which provoked a cult following.

He has also featured in Donnie Brasco, Rescue Dawn, Zodiac, all of which are Academy Award nominated movies. His career spanned over forty years and in this time, he worked in over a hundred productions. He is still one of the most respected actors in the US and is also frequently consulted regarding movies by the top directors in the country.

Zach has just turned 63 years of age and is a series regular in the hit US TV show “The Good Wife”. He has expressed hopes of retiring after the series comes to an end. He, being from the age prior to the invasion of information technology, does not use popular social net working sites like Twitter and Instagram. Zach has one younger sibling name Theodore Grenier, who was named after the US president Theodore Roosevelt. His brother works as a radio host in Michigan.