Gong Li has secretly divorced her husband Ooi Wei Ming, Who is her new boyfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   04 Jan, 2017Updated on   09 May, 2021

Gong Li is a Chinese actress but is a naturalized citizen of Singapore. She first came to the international fame through close collaboration with Zhang Yimou and is credited with helping to bring Chinese Cinema to the United States and Europe.

Talking about Gong Li relationship, the major success in her life arose while dating the director Yimou Zhang. She dated the director for around 8 years but broke up. Later, she was married to Ooi Wei Ming but the marital relation lasted for only around 9 years.

Gong Li and Yimou Zhang

Gong Li and Yimou Zhang first met in 1987 on the set of the movie named "Red Sorghum" which was Yimou's first debut as director and Gong's acting debut. Soon the couple got attracted towards each other and started dating. While the couple got attracted, Yimou was already sharing his marital status.

But, he was ready to leave anything for Gong Li. Thus, finally, the couple started dating since 1987. Gong and Yimou were sharing a very nice bond but looks like the fate has something more to do with them. The couple separated in 1995 after sharing around 8 years together.

Gong Li with Zhang Yimou

Gong Li with Zhang Yimou

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Gong Li and Ooi Wei Ming

Right after being split with Zhang Yimou, Gong Li got married to a Singaporean Business Professional Ooi Wei Ming in 1996. Gong Li did not share anything regarding her marital relation. She might be afraid of the negative comments and did not want any kind of controversies. However, their marital relationship began from 1996 and went in a smooth direction till 2010.

Actually, before the couple divorced, Gong Li already started dating french boyfriend in 2007. Only after dating 3 years with him, Gong Li, and Ooi Wei Ming finally got an official divorce in 2010.

Gong Li with Ooi Wei Ming

Gong Li with Ooi Wei Ming

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Gong Li and French boyfriend

Before Gong and Ooi got divorced, Gong Li had already started dating French boyfriend. The couple started dating since 2007 and the relation is going on and on. Looks like Gong Li has finally found her man. 

Gong Li with French boyfriend

Gong Li with French boyfriend

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