Gold Rush Star Todd Hoffman earns $400 thousand per season. What's Hoffman's Net worth?

February 12, 2018
First published on:July 19, 2016
by HitBerry

What do you know about Todd Hoffman? And do you have any idea about how much his net worth is? If you don’t, you have come to one of the right places.


Todd Hoffman acts as a main cast member in a show called "Gold Rush" which is about gold miners in search of gold. It sounds like he doesn’t earn much, right? But he earns $400,000 per season. I know. It got me amazed as well.

Todd Huffman in Goldrush.

Todd Huffman in Goldrush.

Reports suggest that his net worth is $5 million. Todd Hoffman who was born in 1973 in Sandy, Oregon comes from a family with Aviation Business background Huffman is an American and his profession involves with digging and hunt gold.

Currently, he is married to Shauna Hoffman and they have two children together, Hudson (daughter) and Hunter (son). Furthermore, reports prove that Hunter will be appearing in his upcoming "Gold Rush" season 7.

By looking at him, if you are thinking of making Gold Hunt your career, don't rush it; not everyone is lucky as he is. This requires a lot of patience and a lot of hard words. After all heavy machines and a lotta research and even more.

And, even if you earn, you'd have so many places to re-invest for better results. However, if you are able to touch up with the better results, you wouldn't regret it at all. 

What is Todd Hoffman's show Gold Rush about?

Well, "Gold Rush" is a TV show broadcasted by Discovery Channel on Friday’s night. The show is all about digging up and hunting gold. The first season was named "Gold Rush Alaska", which was shot in Alaska itself. 

However, the team returned home empty-handed with disappointment because most of the members in his team were not so fond of mining at that time and they needed more time just to learn.

But Todd Huffman did not let his spirits down; when it was time for season 2, they changed the name to "Gold Rush’". They started exploring at quartz creek, Klondike region of Yukon, Canada; Porcupine Creek and Big Nugget Mine.

And they hit the right shot this time, they didn’t return with anything. They came up with so much money which was one hell of a success for the whole crew. They were able, to sum up around 6000g gold which made them $230,000.

With a success like this; season 3 started with a bang in October 2012. This time, they thought segregating themselves and hunt at different locations. Hoffman’s crew gathered up 803oz of gold making them $1.8 million.

His other crew Dakota and Parker mined 163oz and 191oz, respectively. It made them around quarter million dollars each.

Season 4 didn’t go so well with Hoffman’s crew who barely mined 2 ounces; which is actually nothing and they had to pack up and leave. However, his other crew Dakota mined around 280 ounces and the parker crew mined the highest, total of 1,029 ounces which made them $1.4 million.

5th season, the premiere kicked off on 17th October 2014. The 2 hour episode with dirt and just dirt seems nothing when we just see through our television screen. But, if we research a bit, it can make you a millionaire.

So, were they? By the end of the season, Hoffman’s crew mined 1,349 ounces making $1.6 million; while his other crew, parker dug up 2,538 ounces, making him the total of $3 million.

Season 6, it was the biggest achievement of all for Hoffman. By the end of the season, he mined around 3,032 ounces making him over $3 million dollars. So, just look at the numbers, now, does it look like they are just bunch of fools who dig?? I guess, naahh..

What kind of person Todd Hoffman is?

In an interview with Fox News, he states that he would do anything for his family. He says he wants to become a better husband and a better dad. He even said that he is ready to quit the show if it affects his family in a negative way. Doesn’t it look like he is really really god man?? I think he is..