Glee writer Brad Falchuk, who filed for divorce with wife Suzanne in 2013, now dating Gwyneth Paltrow

HitBerryPublished on   30 Dec, 2015Updated on   09 May, 2021

Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk, who divorced his wife in 2013, is now dating famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Some sources claim Brad and Paltrow were rumored to be dating even before Brad’s divorce with his wife.

Sources also have said that Brad may be the reason behind Paltrow’s divorce with her rock star husband Chris Martin, after almost ten years of marriage. An insider has claimed that their current relationship started professionally before turning personal.

Brad and Paltrow both ended their long marriages at about the same time before being involved with each other. Sources claim that since Paltrow was the first one to separate between the two, she was furious when Brad was taking more time than required to divorce his ex-wife Suzanne.

Sources also assert that for a short while, when the divorce proceedings had stalled, Paltrow was very disappointed and refused to be the other woman in Brad’s life. She allegedly threatened him with a split. However, as soon as Brad’s divorce was finalized, Paltrow was seen in high spirits and they took a romantic weekend getaway in Utah.

Recently, the couple was seen on vacation in Italy. They were spending their time at the famous Postiano and seemed to enjoy each other’s company. They were even seen getting romantic for the cameras. They were spotted sunbathing and going for a swim, after which they retreated back to the resort for a brunch.

Sources claim that the couple spent at least a week there in the resort before heading back home to normalcy. They were even spotted at other Italian cities like Rome and Milan later on in the week.

Brad and Paltrow first met in the year 2009, after which they remained special friends. They first met when Paltrow was asked to star in the hit TV series, Glee. Paltrow was seen appearing for five consecutive episodes on the show.

Currently, Brad and Platrow are known to be a couple. They have been alleged to be dating for over a year and six months by now. They, however, have said they wish to remain together but have not thought about marriage yet as they both have yet to get over their long marriages.

As a professional, Brad has had immense success in the recent years. He is known for co-creating shows like Glee and American Horror Story. His most recent show was Scream Queen, which just concluded its first season and has received widespread recognition from fans and critics alike.

Brad, however, has yet to enter into the movies. He has said he is currently occupied with the second season of Scream Queens, but has given due thought to try his hand at the movies. Sources claim he is currently working on a script for a movie, which he intends to film next year.

His net worth remains undisclosed.