Glee actress Lauren Potter and her fiance Timothy Spear ended up their relationship

The television show Glee has achieved a huge success in the industry. Lauren Potter must be a lucky charm for the show. Her full name is Lauren Elizabeth Potter and is best known for her role as Becky Jackson in Glee.

There’s a bad news. Lauren potter’s engagement is off. So Sad! Lauren Potter was engaged to Timothy Spear in August 2016. It’s been less than a year and we are already getting to hear so many sad news all around. Let’s know more.

Lauren Potter and Timothy Spear were engaged in 2016.

Timothy Spear proposed Lauren Potter last year while they were on a romantic date in Laguna Beach. The couple enjoying the picnic and suddenly Timothy got down on the knee and promised to be with her for the rest of his life. Lauren accepted the proposal. The couple was happily engaged.

Lauren Potter


It is known that Timothy bought a ring a day ago and planned a picnic so that he could give a perfect surprise to the beautiful lady. They were a long time friends before they started dating. You may be surprised to know that they both have Down Syndrome and took the same stimulation classes in California.

Lauren was in a relationship with another guy but the moment she broke up with the guy, Timothy asked her out. Seems like timothy was waiting for the right moment. The couple was very happy and were cute together.

Lauren says that Timothy did not like the publicity that came with her fame. So he ended up giving the decision. Lauren admits that she is hurt by the decision. Lauren had been talking to the wedding dress designer but Timothy ended the relationship.

Lauren Potter and Timothy Spear


Timothy giving ring to Lauren



Lauren once said that after she would get married, she wanted to wake up and see Timothy making breakfast for her. OMG! She already thought of so many things. She was in deep love with Timothy. I feel so bad for her.

Lauren’s mom Robin Sinkhorn also said that Timothy did not like the publicity he got. She concluded saying it was overwhelming. I don’t know what’s wrong with Timothy. I personally think that he wanted to end the relationship thinking about the consequences of breaking up after marriage. Give a look to the video to know more.

Though the personal life of Lauren is not going as expected, her professional life is so secure and flourishing. She may appear in the finale of Switched at birth in April. She is also doing regularly and preparing herself for the bikini season.