Ginnifer Goodwin looks stunning in white as she hits the red carpet.

April 18, 2016
First Published On: April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

American TV and movie actress Ginnifer Goodwin married fellow American actor John Dallas in April 2014 after a three-year-long relationship. Just two years into their marriage and it seems their second child is well under way.

While many pregnant celebrities tend to take complete bed rest and stay home comfortable and cozy, Ginnifer chose to go out with John.

Pregnant Goodwin appeared with her husband John for The John Varvatos 13th Annual Stuart House Benefit in West Hollywood. Various items were auctioned and the money raised was to be donated to the sexually abused children and their family.

Despite being pregnant, Ginnifer was looking marvelous in the white gown and the thing that made her shine even more was her husband supporting her. She had on an orange lipstick and with her makeups she looked no less than a pregnant snow white?

She posed for various pictures and she looked marvelous in each one. More of the pictures are available at  Dailymail.

Well, this is the not the first time she was pregnant and up and running. She has been sighted often with her big belly around the city and always supporting her was her husband. You are one lucky girl, Ginnifer.

The family including them and their two-year-old son are often spotted having a quality family time. Ginny often brings her son in a stroller while going out shopping and perfectly manages to be a mother and an actress at the same time.

It seems Ginnifer is expecting or at least hoping for a boy since they want both kids to be ‘two of the same’. According to her, siblings of the same gender are closer than that of opposite sex.

Goodwin voiced in Zootopia (2016) as Judy Hopps. The movie released last month with positive ratings.