Ginger Rogers's Love Stories: Tracing the Path of Her Past Partners and Romances

Ginger Rogers was a talented actress, dancer, and singer who gained fame during the Golden Age of Hollywood. In 1941, she achieved a remarkable milestone by winning an Oscar for her outstanding performance in the film "Kitty Foyle." Born on July 16, 1911, she entertained audiences with her grace and charm for decades. Unfortunately, she passed away on April 25, 1995, due to congestive heart failure. 

Throughout her life, Rogers had the experience of being married five times, with her spouses being William Marshall, Jacques Bergerac, Jack Briggs, Lew Ayres, and Jack Pepper. Despite facing challenges and heartache in her personal life, she will always be remembered for her remarkable talent and contributions to the entertainment industry. Her legacy continues to inspire and entertain people worldwide.

Rogers Last Marriage

Rogers' last marriage was with William Marshall, whom she married on March 16, 1961. Unfortunately, their marriage faced numerous challenges, particularly due to his struggles with alcohol and the financial downfall of their joint film production company. These hardships put a strain on their relationship, and the marriage quickly turned sour. 

WilliamLate Ginger Roger's last husband, William Marshall SOURCE: Grunge YouTube Channel

To make matters worse, the movie Marshall produced for Rogers' to star in, "The Confession," was a commercial failure, adding tensions to their troubled marriage. Despite being separated for considerable time, they did not officially obtain a divorce until the year Helmut Huber And Susan Lucci married, i.e., in 1969. The end of their marriage marked difficult chapter in her life.

In addition to his marriage to Rogers, Marshall had been married to three other women in his lifetime. Before marrying Ginger, he was married to Corinne Aboyneau, and after their divorce, he entered into marriages with Micheline Presle and Michèle Morgan. He was a multi-talented individual who excelled both as an actor and director. He left a significant impact on the film industry with his impressive work. Some of his notable works include movies like "The Phantom Planet," "State Fair," and "Calendar Girl." 

Was Rogers Married At The Time Of Her Death?

At the time of Ginger Rogers' death,  April 25, 1995, she was not married to anyone (She passed away the same year Dannii Minogue divorced Julian McMahon). Throughout her life, she had experienced several marriages, but she was not in a marital relationship when she passed away. Additionally, she did not have any children to take care of her during her final days. 

Despite this, Rogers' had left significant impact on the world of entertainment with her talent and charisma. Ginger passed away at the age of 83 at her home in Rancho Mirage, California, due to congestive heart failure. Her death marked the end of an era, but her legacy as legendary actress, dancer, and singer continues to live on in the hearts of her fans and the memories of those who admired her work.

Married To Jacques Bergerac Before Marshall

Before Marshall, Rogers had a married life with Jacques Bergerac. They were married from February 7, 1953, to July 7, 1957. He was 16 years younger than her when they tied the knot. During this time, he was a law student when he had a chance encounter with her while she was on vacation in France. Their meeting turned out to be fateful, as she helped him secure a screen test at MGM, which led to both of them starring together in the movie "Twist of Fate" in 1954 as mentioned in an article from The Hollywood Reporter.

JacquesLate Jacques Bergerac in The Legacy SOURCE: Hitchcock Presents YouTube Channel

The experience of working in the film industry had a profound impact on Bergerac, and he made a life-changing decision to abandon his law studies and pursue a career in acting instead. The couple's relationship flourished during these years, and they shared moments of joy and success. However, like many Hollywood relationships, theirs eventually came to an end, and they parted ways in 1957. 

Following his divorce from Rogers, Bergerac went on to marry Dorothy Malone. Their marriage lasted from June 28, 1959, to December 7, 1964. Unfortunately, like his previous marriage, this one also ended in divorce. During their time together, they welcomed two children into their lives. 

Who Was Roger's Third Husband?

Ginger Rogers' third husband was Jack Briggs. They were married from January 16, 1943, until their divorce on September 7, 1949. At the time of their marriage, he was a Marine Corps private. They met during one of her USO (United Service Organizations) appearances, where she entertained and lifted the spirits of the military personnel. 

Despite their initial connection, Rogers and Briggs's marriage faced difficulties. In the aftermath of their divorce, she revealed in her settlement that he was often absent, even neglecting to join her for dinner on important occasions like their wedding anniversary, leaving her to prepare the meal alone as mentioned in an article from The New York Times. The challenges in their relationship eventually led to its end. 

Briggs was not only Rogers' husband but also an actor in his right. He was known for his roles in several films, including "Ladies' Day," "My Forbidden Past," and "Joan of Paris." Unfortunately, he passed away on August 22, 1998. In honor of his service to his country, he was laid to rest at the Saratoga National Cemetery in Schuylerville, New York. His talent as an actor and his service to the nation are aspects of his life that will be remembered and respected by those who knew him and loved his work.

About Ginger Rogers's Second Marriage

Ginger Rogers' second marriage was to Lew Ayres. They were married from November 14, 1934, until their divorce on March 20, 1941. The couple first met while working together on the film "Don't Bet on Love" in 1933, where they developed a connection that eventually led to marriage. The wedding took place at the Little Church of the Flowers in Glendale, a charming and intimate location that added to the specialness of their union. 

LewLew Ayres in an interview with TCM in 1995 SOURCE: Turner Classic Movies YouTube Channel

After a clash over their respective careers, Rogers and Ayres decided to part ways and get a divorce. At the time of their separation, she was enjoying the peak of her popularity in Hollywood, while he was experiencing a somewhat inactive period in his career. Despite the end of their marriage, they managed to maintain a friendship and would occasionally see each other even after the divorce was finalized. 

In her biography, Rogers expressed regret that she hadn't put in more effort to save their marriage with Ayres. Their relationship had its challenges, but their fondness for each other endured, and they tried to remain supportive of one another. Their story serves as reminder that even when relationships change, bond of friendship and respect can endure.

Who Was Roger's First Husband?

Rogers' first husband was Jack Pepper. They were married from March 29, 1929, until their divorce on July 11, 1931. It's interesting to note that she was just 17 years old when she tied knot with him. Even more surprising, he had been the ex-boyfriend of one of Ginger's cousins. They were known as "Ginger and Pepper."  

However, Ginger and Pepper's marriage faced challenges, and they were separated much sooner than their official divorce date. Within 10 months, the romance between the two had fizzled out, leading to their eventual divorce. Despite the end of their marriage, they managed to remain friends, demonstrating that despite difficulties they encountered as a couple, they still valued and respected each other's friendship. 

Other Relationships Of The Late Actress

Throughout her life, Rogers had a colorful and eventful love life, being involved with several prominent figures in the entertainment and business world. She was engaged to the wealthy and famous Howard Hughes in 1940, but the engagement eventually ended. Over the years, she also had relationships with various other notable personalities, including Greg Bautzer from 1948 to 1950, James Stewart in 1941, and Jean Gabin in 1939. 

Before them, Rogers was romantically linked to Alfred G. Vanderbilt in 1937, Cesar Romero in 1932, and Mervyn LeRoy from 1930 to 1933. In her earlier years, she was connected to Rudy Vallee in 1929 and was associated with Robert Eaton and A.C. Lyles at different times in her life. Her relationships may have had their ups and downs, but she remained an iconic figure in the world of entertainment.

The Troubled Relationship With Howard Hughes

Ginger Rogers' engagement with Howard Hughes was an intriguing and tumultuous chapter in her romantic life. Their relationship was characterized by constant ups and downs, and it lasted for several years. He gifted her a lavish 5-carat emerald engagement ring in 1940 and even promised to build her a mansion. However, their love affair came with controlling and possessive behavior from him. 

Hughes expected Rogers to be available to him whenever he wanted, which put a strain on their relationship. On one occasion, he blamed her for a car accident she wasn't even involved in, merely because she had declined to accompany him to a dental appointment. His reaction was so extreme that he crashed his car in anger. 

Eventually, Rogers decided to end the relationship for good. Looking back on their time together, she expressed relief and gratitude for escaping what she saw as a future of being a prisoner in her home while he did as he pleased. Her strength and independence prevailed, allowing her to move forward and continue her successful career in Hollywood with grace and poise.


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