Gina Torres leaving 'Suits' to work on 'The death of Eva Sofia Valdez??’

HitBerryPublished on   24 May, 2016Updated on   28 May, 2021

When news broke that Gina Torres would be playing the lead role on “The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez”, fans were worried that Torres would be bidding goodbye to her role as Jessica Pearson in Suits.  Well let me break the good news to you, Torres isn’t leaving Suits anytime soon.

Gina Torres.                   Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The legal drama series, Suits has been renewed for Season 6 which is all set to release this summer. According to Deadline, Torres will remain “a regular through season 6, fulfilling her six-year contract, with her character likely getting phased out”. That’s quite a news for all the Gina Torres fans! You get to see her as Jessica Pearson in Suits for one more season and again as Eva Sofia Valdez in The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez.

The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez is a sexy revenge drama with a supernatural twist. Something like MacBeth but with a Cuban twist. The series’ storyline revolves around Eva Sofia Valdez, an immigrant who rose from rags to riches and is a celebrated Miami entrepreneur and a champion for immigrant rights.

Written by Cuban-American playwright Charise Castro Smith, The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez is executively produced by Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters for the ABC Studios.