Gina Philips and husband Lee Nelson getting divorced?

HitBerryPublished on   16 Mar, 2016Updated on   16 Mar, 2016

Gina Philips and husband Lee Nelson are rumored to be in the middle of a very fragile marriage. It has been believed that they are going through a very tough and testy phase in their married life. Of which the outcome could even end their bond.

Gina and Lee have been married for five years and already there are rumors sprouting up that parting ways at this moment might just be the best for them both. It’s not clear as to when exactly the problems started between them.

Some reports suggest that things started to go south for them after they welcomed their first child. It has been gossiped Lee might not have wanted a child. However the couple has refrained from making any comments on the subject publicly.

At the moment, it is hard to determine if they will be heading to a divorce. Some reports suggest that they might be able to figure a way out of the mess they have put themselves in.

Gina, on a professional scale has been having favorable success in recent years. She is currently in the middle of production for her latest movie “Jeepers Creepers Cathedral”.  The movie is the third installment in the series and she is going to reprise her role once again.

Gina is coming back to acting after taking a five year hiatus and her fans and producer are both excited to see her once again in front of the camera. Her last films before her unannounced hiatus from movies were “Chained” and “Hijacked”.

Some reports have suggested that Gina might have finally taken retirement from TV shows and is now going to be concentrating her time and effort in to movies. An area she has had more interest than TV since the beginning of her career.

Earlier, she was a series regular in a couple of shows out of which the most well-known ones was “Ally McBeal” where she adorned the character of Sandy Hingle and helped her grow her popularity with the audiences.  She was also seen on “Boston Public”, “ER” and “Hawaii.

Gina, who is going to be coming of a long time away from the camera has been cast as the lead in her upcoming movie and her character “Trish Jenner” whom she is very familiar with having played the part before. However Gina is expected to bring in a very mature character as the last time she played “Trish” she was fifteen years younger”.

She is confident she will be doing well in her return especially because she has said the character she is portraying is very close to her and having done it before she knows exactly the changes she is supposed to bring to it.

Gina’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere over $3 million