Gina Neely is Living Happily with Husband Pat Neely and Children, Is she Getting Divorce?

January 9, 2018
First Published On: January 9, 2018

Nine years ago, Gina Neely and Pat Neely started their own show, Down Home With the Neelys and it was with that show, a relationship between Gina and Pat also took off. Not precisely as the couple knew each other from high school.

They got married after reuniting again years later. Now it's been already 20 years into their marriage and they have two children together. However, rumors of them getting a divorce started after getting their own show. Let's find out the truth.

Gina Neely and Husband Pat Neely Finally Getting Separated

Gina Neely and Pat were high school sweethearts long before they were husband and wife. So their bond was already strong before tying the knot in 1994.

[ CAPTION: Gina Neely with her former husband, Pat Neely ][ SOURCE: Essence ]

Few years into their marriage, the 52-year-old entrepreneur gave birth to their first child, Shelbi  Neely. The couple was again blessed with another daughter, Spenser Neely.

[ CAPTION: Pat and Gina Neely with their two daughters ][ SOURCE: Lavideo ]

Gina together with her husband also written their first cookbook, Down Home with the Neelys which became one of the best sellers. Everything seemed perfect with their personal life, with their perfect chemistry on the camera as well as the business, with already hosting their two shows.

Neely and her husband were even titled as the Food Network's golden couple and no doubt they were happily living with their two daughters. So people were definitely shocked when they broke the news of them getting separated in 2014 after 2 decades sharing a home together.

[ CAPTION: Gina Neely with her former husband, Pat Neely on the sh ][ SOURCE: Lavideo ]

Years after their divorce, when Gina appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, she was asked the reason for their separation, she told,

We were trying to work on it and do some things differently, but it ended up that way. I did family counseling, wanted everyone to be good.

The marriage started to form cracks when they started their own show. Pat felt like they were not spending enough time with each other. In fact, Gina had even tried five times previously to get separated from her husband. She further added that the divorce became necessary for her to become the best of her.

[ CAPTION: Gina Neely Instagram ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Although the couple officially separated in 2014, Gina and her former husband, Pat still share the business together. However, they are working on to separate the business and turning into their individual brands.

Gina is already a successful American restaurateur, television personality, and author. Maybe she will find another perfect man for her soon. But she seems like she is in no rush.