Giancarlo Esposito and ex-wife Joy McManigal, who he divorced years ago, getting back together??

March 11, 2018
First Published On: January 31, 2016

Do you remember the divorce of actor Giancarlo Esposito and his ex-wife Joy McManigal?? Of course, you do!! It was such a big gossip at the time. Well, now we have some more news about them. Rumor has it they might be getting back together!! How interesting is that?


When it comes to screen performance, hardly anyone can match up with Esposito. We also know him from the American television series Breaking Bad, where he played the role of Gustavo Fring.

Giancarlo and Joy McManigal Marital Relationship

Giancarlo Esposito got married at the age of 37 to Joy McManigal in 1995. But they were could not last long as a couple. But our sources reveal that both of them wanted to figure out their lives once more.

Now, sparks seem to be returning between the pair and we have been hearing news of them getting back together. They were again spotted together holding hands at a formal get together.

Also, they have been spotted together many times recently. Apparently, both of them are not dating anyone now and it seems plausible that they might want to get together. Don’t they??

Despite being a man of 57 years of age, he is as fit as a fiddle. He is the father of four children but that definitely has not made him any less popular among the ladies. Esposito is one of the most charming personalities in the industry.

Joy McManigal Career 

Joy acting career started early in 1979 with the movie "Running" where he portrayed a minor role. Growing up in the theatre industry, he had made his Broadway debut at the age of 8. Now, he is one of the most distinguished actors in the industry.

Giancarlo has appeared in dozens of television series as well as movies. He also appeared in the American crime thriller movie "Usual Suspects" as an FBI special agent, for which his performance received critical acclaim.

Giancarlo Esposito Achievements

Giancarlo is regarded as one of the most influential actors, director, and producer of this era. This can be seen in movies such as "The Usual Suspects", "King of New York", "Go tell it on the Mountain", and Television series such as "Homocide-Life on the street", "Once Upon a Time", etc.

One of the greatest proofs of his performance is his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which he got in 2014.

Perhaps one of his most memorable and best performances came from the TV show Breaking Bad. The series itself was pretty amazing and it won many awards and nomination.

This was the moment when he hit the apex of his achievement. He won the award for best-supporting actor for this role and many nominations as well.

Giancarlo Esposito Net worth 

Giancarlo earns the good sum of money in his career.  He featured in several movies and tv series through which he obtains a good sum of money. His net worth is estimated to be little over $2 million dollars. According to sources online, he earns an estimated $65000 per episode.

Giancarlo Esposito is very active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram. He has a large number of followers and tweets and shares pictures often for his fan to see. A lot of people like him as an actor and as a human being.