Get To Know Jim Jefferies' Wife: Insights Into His Love Story

Jim Jefferies is an Australian comedian. Besides, he's also a writer and an actor. One of his popular works was creating and acting in a TV show "Legit." 

And hey, Jefferies has got someone special in his life too - he's married to Tasie Lawrence. Together, they make a pretty awesome couple. Well, let's have a look at his dating history.

Married To Tasie Lawrence

The Beginning Of The Love Story

In 2019, Jim and Tasie's lives intertwined, all thanks to their common friends. It was like fate brought them together! They decided to keep their romance hush-hush for a while, enjoying each other's company in private. 


Jim Jeffries and his wife, Tasie Lawrence SOURCE: Instagram @tasiel

But then, in May 2019, Tasie did something super sweet: she posted a beautiful picture of them together on Instagram. The love story was public, and fans couldn't help but swoon over the adorable couple. 

The Marriage

Jim Jefferies and Lawrence became husband and wife in September 2020. It marked the start of their beautiful journey together. 

Jim and Tasie have decided to keep most of their married life away from the public eye. He couldn't help but show off his love for the actress now and then. He's shared a few precious pictures of her on his Instagram, giving fans a glimpse into their happy moments.

Have A Baby Together

Jim and Tasie welcomed a new member to their family in 2021: their adorable son, Charlie Jefferies. While they've chosen to keep much of their family life private, they've shared a few glimpses of their bundle of joy on Instagram.


Jim Jeffries with his son. Charlie Jefferies SOURCE: Instagram @tasiel

However, Jefferies and Lawrence are pretty careful about it. In the pictures they've posted, Charlie's face is covered or hidden from view. They're safeguarding his privacy while still showing the happiness he brings into their lives.

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About Jim's Wife

Tasie Lawrence is a talented English actress from Brighton, England. She has made a name for herself through her memorable role as Mara Jaffray in the TV series "House of Anubis." But did you know she's also a music enthusiast

Tasie delved into the world of music by studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guilford. After honing her craft, she caught the attention of Island Records, who signed her. 

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in music under her belt, Tasie's journey didn't stop there. She once rocked out as a member of the 'WooWoos,' a dark pop-rock band.

Past Relationships And Rumors

Kate Luyben

Jim Jefferies' romantic journey took an interesting turn when he crossed paths with Kate Luyben. Their story started when he was doing what he does best – cracking jokes at a show back in 2011. 


Jim Jeffries' former partner, Kate Luyben SOURCE: Instagram @kateluyben

It was there that the comedian first laid eyes on Kate, and sparks flew instantly. They didn't waste any time and started dating shortly after meeting. Within just a year, they took the big step of moving in together. 

However, the details of their separation remain a mystery. Neither Jim nor Kate has revealed the reasons behind their split.

Mother To Jim's Kid

Jim's life took on another dimension when he and his former partner, Kate Luyben, welcomed their son. Hank Jefferies was born on November 7, 2012. Parenthood added a whole new chapter to the comedian's life as he became a father for the first time.   

However, Jim and Kate have chosen to keep much of their son's life out of the public eye. While there isn't much information available about Hank, one thing's for sure – he's a cherished part of the comedian's life.  

Ginger Gonzaga

Rumors have swirled around Jim and Ginger Gonzaga. It suggests that they might have been an item back in 2013. Their professional relationship likely fueled these rumors, especially since they worked closely together on the sitcom "Legit," as mentioned in an article from Nicki Swift

In the show, Gonzaga portrayed the on-and-off girlfriend of Jefferies. The plot thickened when they collaborated again in 2016 for the film "Punching Henry." Despite their close working relationship, neither of the two has confirmed whether they were romantically involved in the past. 

How Mother Influenced Jim's Romantic Life?

In a revealing podcast conversation with Neal Brennan, Jim Jefferies opened up about the profound impact his mother had on his relationships. He bravely shared about the abuse he endured from his mother during his childhood.

It left behind deep emotional scars. The comedian candidly expressed that his mother's physical appearance, being a larger woman, triggered feelings of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in him. 

This led Jim to develop a fear of dating women who resembled his mother in any way. He confessed that he would instinctively avoid relationships with women who shared similar physical attributes. This shows the deep-seated psychological influence his mother's abuse had on his romantic preferences. 


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