Get to know about Kitchen Paint Ideas

HitBerryPublished on   14 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Painting is one of the fastest and best ways to revamp the look of a room or even your entire interior. The painting expresses the way of colorful beauty inside what you may be living on, painting fulfills the color on dullness which expresses what you are.

You guys may be thinking of remodeling kitchen set but you still thinking what the cost gonna be. Why do you to need to replace interior if you can fulfill your desire with colors? If you don’t have money to replace your siding then you can coat a paint in an easy way to bring back the life to your interior .here are some of the easy steps which may help to shine your kitchen interior.

  1. At first, remove all the fasteners and hardware from the cabinets by using a screw driver.
  2. Then wipe down all of the cabinets and doors by using a biodegradable cleanser.
  3. Apply painter's tape around the edges of the cabinets so the paint doesn't get messy.
  4. Place doors on pyramid holders and apply one coat of primer to each, using a roller so the cracks won't get visible.
  5. Then apply one coat of paint to cabinets and let it dry for two hours using rollers and brushes.
  6. Allow paint to dry for at least 2 hours.
  7. Repeat the same method of painting steps to apply a second coat.

8.let the paint dry for 24 hours.

  1. On the second day, clean off the backsplash by using the biodegradable cleanser.
  2. Remove any outlet covers with a screwdriver, and apply painter's tape to the edges.
  3. Apply first coat of paint to the backsplash by Using rollers and brushes.

12.Allow paint to dry at least for two hours.

13.Then Apply a second coat of paint to the backsplash.

  1. Allow paint to dry and reattach outlet covers using a screwdriver.
  2. Apply spray paint to hardware, preferably outside or in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Wait at least an hour for spray paint to dry.
  4. Reattach hardware to cabinets, using a driver.

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