Get ready to be blown! Actor George Blagden on dressing up for Versailles.

HitBerryPublished on   01 Jun, 2016Updated on   20 May, 2021

26-year-old George Blagden plays the role of King Louis XIV in the miniseries Versailles.  This French-Canadian series tells the story of the Sun King’s battles in 1667 to strengthen the throne after his decision to move his court from Paris to Versailles.

George Blagden who appeared in other series like Les Misérablesw (2012) and series Vikings had it rough when it comes to getting into his character. At least, the shows have a lot of sex scenes that should give him some refreshment.

‘Honestly, it’s amazing. I’d go through hair and make-up in the morning and by the time I got on to set, the crew would think I’d already done this really detailed character prep. Also, I know all the women reading this article will be like, “Oh yeah, duh!” but I have to say, I’m amazed at how quickly your feet get tired in heels.’

With his heels and wigs and frilly blouses, he really presented himself perfectly as French 'Sun King' Louis XIV. His costumes for his role looks really different from his usual and is pretty interesting.

Source: moviestillsdb

The show has a huge following and is praised for being one of the most impressive original drama in French TV. Not to mention, it is one of the most expensive French TV series ever with estimated cost equal to £2.1m per episode. 

The second season will premiere in October 2016.