Get to know Adwoa Aboah, a British Model and her life changing story

Adwoa Aboah is a young model brought up in west London with a tie to a Ghanaian dad and a British mom. If you know her inspirational story, you will wonder how is she just a 25 year old?

Adwoa recently received the Harper's Bazar- Model of The Year award. There's no limit to mentioning the successful career that she leads. But Adwoa Aboah went through her darkest hour before finding the light at the end of a tunnel.

Adwoa Aboah Admits She was Addicted and Suffered from Depression

Adwoa Aboah shared her troubles, issues via an interview and how she overcame those problems. Like several teenagers, she said her addiction started on her 14th birthday first with a smoke.

Soon after the sensational model experimented cocaine before being addicted to ketamine.

Adwoa Aboah wearing a colorful sweater to film festival in Utah. Adwoa Aboah wearing a colorful sweater to film festival in Utah, 2011. Source:

Gradually the 16-year-old suffered from depression and bipolar from daily consumption of drugs. Adwoa at the time was studying at Brunel University, not far from her home. She recalled,

To everyone else in the outside world I was doing really well, but inside I was just slowly crumbling. I stopped hanging out with really good friends because they would be the ones to ask me how I was. No one knew how bad it was.

How long could Aboah hide her troubles from her parents? They became aware when she overdosed on drugs at the age of 21. Therefore she was sent to Cottonwood Tucson rehab centre in Arizona.

Adwoa with her dad, Charles and mom, Camilla Adwoa with her dad, Charles and mom, Camilla    Source:

But in between, she would be released and sent to a halfway house and she would start overdosing again. This cycle continued for some time before she attempted a suicide on October 3, 2015. As a result, troubled Adwoa went into a coma for four days.

Adwoa Aboah Gains Realization as She is Reborn

When the Adwoa, an upcoming superstar finally gained her conscience, it was Christmas and she was surrounded by her family. At the moment, she realized the importance of life and she was lucky to get a second chance.

Adwoa Aboah in the Haper's Bazaar Awards 2017 Adwoa Aboah in the Haper's Bazaar Awards 2017 Source:

The British Model liked to remember the day as the day she was born and she meant literally.

In a weird way it’s like a birthday for me. I like to remember where I was and where I am now. It’s not something I’m going to forget. I could have very easily not been here, so I feel like it’s respectful to remember.

That's how her life took a turning point. Now the 25-year-old model is a feminine activist and has appeared on a dozen of magazine's cover page. She is clean now except for a few cigarettes now and then.

Adwoa Aboah on the cover of Vogue after two months from the unfortunate incident Adwoa Aboah on the cover of Vogue after two months from the unfortunate incident Source:

The first one was on Vogue, two months after she was reborn. Adowa aside from being a model now helps other troubled young women struggling with mental health issues.

Adwoa Aboah with girls in Gurls Talk Adwoa Aboah with girls at Gurls Talk Source:

In addition, the beautiful and bold model also founded the online community for women, Gurls Talk. Through this community, troubled women can share their feeling without hesitation and help each other.

Adwoa Aboah also received the Model of the Year at the GQ Awards. Her story is truly inspirational.