Geraldine Hughes and husband Ian Harrington getting divorced??

October 4, 2015
First published on:October 4, 2015
by HitBerry

We don’t hear much about Irish actress, Geraldine Hughes. She loves to keep her personal lives locked up and away from the media. She is one of those actress who lead a perfectly normal life, unlike other celebrities who like to enjoy every other moment under the media limelight.

Hughes is a strong woman who has worked with top Hollywood personalities like Sylvester Stallone and Clint Eastwood, but she never let fame get on her head. Nor did she let the hawkeyed media dig the secrets of her life. But no matter how hard decent celebs like Hughes try to stay away from the media hustle and bustle, they come under the radar of gossipmongers once in a while.

Geraldine tried her best to keep her family safe from the paparazzo, but this time we got hold of someone who seems to know quite a lot about her life. And the information we have would shock her die-hard fans who believe that all is well with Geraldine and her husband. The gossipmonger informed us that that the actress and the father of her children are on the verge of divorce. A close friend of the couple has said that the husband and wife duo had been having issues with each other.

The insider revealed that the Gran Torino star and her husband Ian Harrington were seen arguing with each other while on their way to a shopping mall. “I saw them bickering all the way to a local shopping mall. Geraldine was in a foul mood and Ian was trying to say something to her but she didn’t look like she wanted to listen. I even saw the actress put a finger on her lips as if to say “Ian, shut up”,” said the informant.

The source also gave us detailed information on what the couple was wearing at the moment. “Geraldine loves dressing simply. She was seen wearing a pair of cool looking denim jeans on a cream colored shirt. She wore a set of sneakers and it looked as if she was headed for a walk rather than a shopping,” it informed.

The source further added: “Ian was seen in a similar look, a pair of blue jeans and a simple black t-shirt made him look dashing. But due to Geraldine’s “I’m mad at you right now” mood, her looks didn’t seem to cheer the dear husband much. He looked grim and unhappy.”

The informant continued: “The pair later came out of the building with bags full of stuffs. They did a heavy shopping but I can’t say what exactly they bought. Even after that, the couple didn’t look at each other. They were still quarreling like an old couple.”

And when we asked the source why the incident made him think that the couple was having serious marital trouble instead of a normal squabble, he said “When a pair argues and fights with each other in public, they are headed for trouble. After all, this is Hollywood, and it’s how things work here, doesn’t it?” the source said.

The logic of this weird person just blew our mind!!

So don’t worry guys!! Hughes and her then boyfriend and now husband are still together and their relationship is strong as ever. The actress, who has appeared in several movies like Duplex, Rocky Balboa and Gran Torino married Harrington after years long dating. So, it is not an easy task for anyone to break their relationship just like that.

The couple lives together with their kids in the USA. Geraldine has the net worth of half million dollar.


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