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George Santo Pietro Married Melissa Mascari after Divorcing Vanna White

November 26, 2017
First published on:November 26, 2017
by John

Not seen as a big issue in America, Divorce has become a popular trend in the Hollywood stars life. With more people getting divorced and more people having re-marriages, we have more things to learn. And, that too, real fast.

Why is the film-director, George Santo Pietro unsuccessful in his marriage with Vanna White? Is Geroge married to Melissa Mascari? Know more as you scroll down

George Santo Pietro and Vanna White relation

George was married to Linda Evans before getting married to Vanna White. In 1990, Pietro married actress Vanna White whose fiancé died in an accident in 1986.

Pietro was one of the fans of Vanna. Even after the miscarriage of Vanna White’s first child, George took care of her, and the couple was in a perfect relation. After five years, the couple had another child named Niko Santo Pietro and later on, Gigi Santo Pietro.

Vanna White with her children Vanna White with her children

After 12 years of married life, both of them moved away in 2002. George got shocked when Vanna White announced her engagement with Michael Kaye in her popular show “Wheel of Fortune.” So, he also decided to move on into his new life with Melissa Mascari, a television producer.

George Santo Pietro Married Melissa Mascari

After divorcing Vanna White, Melissa and George were dating each other for a year and hooked up on 8 Oct 2005. The couple has a 10-year daughter, Chiara. The couple is happily living together without any rumors of separation. He is now happy with his present wife, Melissa Mascari.

Melissa Mascari Melissa Mascari- George Santo Pietro's 3rd wife

Pietro is a Restaurateur who worked as a dolly grip since 1990. He made enough money from dolly grip. After being dolly grip, he worked in several movies and series. He is also known for being a wealthy person according to his ex-wife Vanna White. Pietro is the father of 3 children and is taking full care and responsibility of them. He became famous after getting married to Vanna White.

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