George Alagiah and his wife, Frances, who he's been married to since 1984 getting a divorce?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

George Alagiah and his wife, Frances, who he'd been married to since 1984 getting a divorce?

No not at all, George and his wife are not getting divorced any time soon. Actually their bond have gotten stronger than ever after George is hit by colorectal cancer in 2014. You know you start realizing the essence of your loved ones when you think you are going to lose them.

On 28 October 2015, BBC World News presenter announced that the treatment was over and he is fine now.

George and Frances started dating two years before they got married in 1984. Their wedding was reported to be grand and attended by many high profile people. The couple are in happily married life ever since.

The couple have two children together Adam and Matthew.

George is reported to be very family person. He is the one of those high profile personals who just does not treat woman and underprivileged equally only to show in the media, he actually have not found them any different. He knows how to respect women.

This may be because he grew with his two elder and two younger sisters. The emotional bonding has been his thing right from his childhood.

In an interview with ‘The Guardian’, he revealed his family values and that was really moving.

He said, “As a child, I felt cosseted. I had two older sisters looking after me and two younger sisters looking up to me. They might have worried that their brother was a bit girly: I don't know if I should admit this but I used to sew clothes for their Barbie dolls”.

He again added, “I'm comfortable with women. I find the "men versus women" thing difficult to understand because I've never seen them as different”.

In the same interview, he also emphasized how close he is with his wife. “Apart from Frances, my wife, my sisters are my closest friends”, he said.

He further appended about how he and his beloved wife are eagerly waiting their sons get accomplished in their career.

He said, “Our sons Adam and Matthew, who are 23 and 19, are amazing guys. If we were their age, me and Frances would like to be their friends”.

It does not end here, he further added, “We're in that transition period that other parents worry about: the loss of control and so on. But we cannot wait until they're the ones driving the car and we are the one snoozing in the back”.

He concluded saying “The minute your children are the reference point, you know you've done your job”.

You see, in every sentence and every expression, George is appreciating his wife’s presence and they are obviously together in future, such a couple getting a divorce, well give it a break!

The net worth of the presenter has been kept under the blanket until now.