Geno Segers and girlfriend Maria Canapino getting married next year

HitBerryPublished on   11 Dec, 2015Updated on   21 May, 2021

Geno Segers is all set to make his girlfriend Maria Canapino his wife early next year. The Disney and Banashee star has been making arrangements for the wedding, sources claim.

Sources claim that Geno and Maria have already gotten engaged in a low profile ceremony attended by close friends and family. Geno has also given his wife to be an amazing ring which witnesses claim has a big rock in it. The couple announced their plans to get married early next year at the ceremony.

Geno and Maria plan to get married by the beach in Australia where Geno is currently based. Sources claim that, unlike their low profile engagement, they wish to have an extravagant wedding ceremony. Geno has also reportedly already hired a wedding planner, who has almost completed most of the things required for the wedding.

Maria, on the other hand, has been visiting bridal stores and well known bridal designers and hasn’t yet chosen a gown for the wedding, according to sources. The other essentials like invitations, cake, food, liquor, are being handled by Geno’s parents, who are excited to see their son finally get married.

Geno and Maria first met a couple of years earlier while Geno was shooting for a film. They began dating in early spring of that year. Geno has said Maria is a very supportive girlfriend and is extremely patient with him and inspires him on a daily basis.

Unlike Geno, Maria is not a celebrity but has been seen with Geno at many award ceremonies and functions. The two always accompany each other in any formal occasion that they come across. They were recently seen at a media event for Geno’s upcoming movie “Bone Tomahawk”.

Sources claim that Geno’s family absolutely love Maria and cannot wait for her to be a part of their family. A family member even said jokingly that they love Maria more than they love Geno.

Geno, on a professional level, has had quite a turnaround in his career. He was a former professional NFL player who went on to play professional rugby before entering into the entertainment industry.

He is known in the entrainment world for being on shows like “Pair Of Kings”, “ Teen Wolf”. The popular TV series, which won him international recognition, was “Banshee”.

Geno’s first major studio movie premiered a month back and was titled “Bone Tomahawk”. He features alongside Oscar winning actor Kurt Russell.

Geno is 39 years in age and hopes he gets more opportunities in movies like his most recent one. However, he is currently working in another studio production which remains untitled. But sources claim the new production has a star cast similar to the Bone Tomahawk movie.

Geno also comes from a very diverse ethnicity. He is from an African American, Hawaiian, American Indian and French descent.

His net worth remains undisclosed.