General Hospital's Anthony Geary, age 69, is not gay. But he is gay right activist. Is he married?

HitBerryPublished on   29 Sep, 2016Updated on   29 Sep, 2016

1974 born American actor Anthony Geary is a charmer - he has been well-known for his role as Luke Spencer in the ABC drama General Hospital. No matter how much one knows about his profession and career, 69-year-old Anthony has always been more of a private person, keeping many aspects of his personal life in the shadows.

For quite some time, he was tagged as a gay, he has not come out to the public eye , is he married?

Anthony Geary - Not Gay,  Married?

8 time Emmy award winning actor was not  known to have been associated with any actress neither with an actor.

Despite being a high-rated celebrity figure in America, the actor rather prefers spending time in Amesterdam, away from the crowd. Anthony, best known as Tony, who appeared in his first Daytime show with Bright Promise in 1971, never admitted to have dated any guy, its just the media that has been spreading the news of his sexuality. 

Anthony Geary and Elizabeth Taylor's 2-year relationship

During an interview with Wendy Williams at The Wendy Williams Show, the actor confessed about his relationship with the British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor, who were together almost more than 25 years back. When asked if they were good friends in real life. he said: 

We were. I used to never talk about my relationship with Elizabeth Taylor because I’m a gentleman and don’t kiss and tell, but she did an interview a few years ago for Talk Magazine where she outed us as more than friends.

Fans have also showed thier concern regarding Anthony's sexuality. According to a question posted on Yahoo regarding the Utah born actor's sexuality and his association with the humanitarian actress Elizabeth, who played in mutli-episodes of General Hosptail, the responses were pretty cool.

The actor mentioned that since no-one knows him in Amsterdam, he can live a peaceful life there. The show doesnt air in Holland and Dutch people are not interested in any ways, so I geta lot of time to recapture myself as an ordinary person. 

Anthony Geary : Gay rights activist

Although the actor has never personally revealed about it, he has been involed with gay rights since quite a long time now. Tony supports gay rights and believes that all individuals should be provided with the rights they deserve.