Gay Makeup Artist Jay Manuel talks about his new beauty line

September 7, 2015
First Published On: September 7, 2015
by HitBerry

Jay Manuel has always been the face of the fashion industry. The gay makeup artist is one of the top names in the world of fashion. The man with the slicked, silver hair has always been able to make everyone, from top super models to aspiring ones look fabulous. The Canadian-American fashion artist, aged 43 launched his own range of cosmetics named Jay Manuel Beauty earlier this year. With his new make-up line, the prominence of this dashing fashionista has heightened.

Manuel, who is most prominently known as the director of photo shoots on the hit reality TV show America's Next Top Model and as the host and judge of the second and third cycle of Canada's Next Top Model, shared a few things with the media about Jay Manuel Beauty. It is in connection with science and how he ended up in the fashion industry recently.

The make-up artist revealed how he started from a scratch and was on a verge of pursuing a career in the field of science.

 “I went to (New York University), but when I was still here in Toronto, I was studying and thinking I was going to go into medicine,” he told.

The America’s Next Top Model Alum remembered his days when he used to work in a biochemistry lab.

“It was kind of weird growing up as a teenager because I felt this passion for the arts, but I loved the sciences.”

Jay Manuel revealed that he blended his passion of science with fashion to create Jay Manuel Beauty.

The fashion king, who started his early career as a make-up artist working with top models like Tyra Banks and Iman said that he developed his cosmetics range himself. He opened up about how he worked with several lab technicians in a lab while developing the products of his range. He had a lot of fun, most particularly while preparing a foundation that resembles a loose powder and which transforms into liquid, he said.

Manuel collaborated with IMPALA Inc. to create his brand. The brand was launched by supermodel Iman, who is also his close friend. The range features several products, out of which a face product, Filter Finish Collection is the highlight and color palette with three distinctive makeup looks: classic, iconic and avant-garde.

“This is not just about putting makeup on your face,” said the former fashion correspondent at E! Networks.

“Whether you wear a sheer amount or a heavy amount, it’s about helping someone realize their true self-image and realize that on the outside.”

Manuel also added that he took special care of women with variations in skin tones, which is why he developed several shades and categorized them into light, medium and deep filters.

The fashion icon also shared how he held a party at his home, where he invited number of women to test the products and share their views on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“When large brands don’t listen to their consumers they’re really missing out,” said Manuel.

“I like to just keep my finger on the pulse.”

With the launch of his new range, the openly gay fashion artist has stood out as one of the boldest and most powerful personality in the fashion world.

He is currently dating his boyfriend, Francesco Scavullo, although Manuel didn’t reveal whether they are going to get married anytime soon.