Gay HGTV Designer David Bromstad wanted to be a Disney animator!!!

September 3, 2015
First Published On: September 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Everyone knows David Bromstad as a successful designer, but very few know about his past. Currently the 42-year old is the host of his own Television show, Color Splash. But, in a recent interview, Bromstad confessed that he initially wanted to be a Disney animator. It was his childhood dream. So how did his dream of being a Disney animator lead him to become one of the most successful designers in the world?

“I wanted to be a Disney animator. I was obsessed with anything Disney. Obsessed. Shortly after I was in art school I took an animation elective and just realized that it just wasn’t for me. It was very tedious.” Bromstad says.

When he was working for Disney, one of his bosses commented that “you’re way too talented. You need to go in to the art department.” Moving on to the art department was a real challenge for Bromstad. He felt really bored in there. And after working for several years, Bromstad finally left Disney.

After leaving Disney, Bromstad established his own studio and hosted his own show, Color Splash. The show went on to become a huge hit. In this show, Bromstad usually designs fantasy bedrooms for children. Renowned for being a world class designer, Bromstad has many fans.

Even after leaving Disney, Bromstad felt that working there was really helpful. He said, “Anyone that knows anything about Disney is that everything has to be perfect. Beyond perfect. It was a great learning tool for bringing perfection in to my work. At the time though, I was 23 years old and was like what the hell am I doing. But I learned so much.”

Bromstad’s show, Color Splash, was the first of its kind. It was the first ever design show shot in Miami.

Bromstad is also an openly gay star. He is currently residing in Miami with his boyfriend and their French bulldog, Dozer.

The 1.85m tall designer has also talked about his relationships. He has been living together with his boyfriend for nearly seven years now. When he was asked how they met, he replied, “Like all gay men used to, at a bar. We met at Firestone in Orlando on Valentine’s Day at a single’s party. I had a crush on him for years and years, but was never formally introduced. We both were always in relationships and then we were single and we fell in love immediately. It was really cool.”

Besides his career life, Bromstad is also a great social worker. He is a great supporter of HIV testing. He often uses his public status to promote awareness of this testing in human life. One of his ex-boyfriends was also affected by it, so Bromstad really feels its necessity.

Currently Bromstad has a net worth of 2 million dollars. He has about 54.3k followers in the Twitter. Even after achieving so much success, he still has a whole life ahead of him and we wish him luck for the days to come.