Gay Fashion Designer Matthew Williamson launches new fashion collection of ready to wear dresses and more

Matthew Williamson is not gay, he is gay with a style.

Designer Matthew Williamson has launched new fashion collection of ready to wear dresses and has taken the customers by storm. 

Matthew Williamson has also unveiled his wildlife themed fashion designs. Like much of his other works, this time it was influenced by the Amazon rain forest. The animal wild life, plants and the sceneries were among his known inspirations. The clothes will be named after the aspect it is inspired by.He stated that his latest fashion wear were influenced by his trip to Morocco. His monochrome print dresses from the line were greatly praised.

The price, as expected is nothing to sneeze at. They cost as high as $300 for a bikini and $3000 for an embellished gown. These designs were loved by many and characterized as something different, artistic and attractive.

Matthew had launched another design in fall 2015 and the consumers loved it as well. People have always known that Matthew Williamson’s design are one of a kind he did not disappoint this time either.

Whenever Matthew Williamson is debuting any of his work, one thing for sure is that it will be grand and expensive and jaw dropping. The design that launched in Fall 2015 was also of such grandeur. The press, guests as well as the audiences were not able to take their eyes off the models. The ready to wear dresses were a grand success, both artistically and commercially.

Matthew Williamson launched his brand in 1997, with Joseph Velosa. Although it did take some time, their business finally hit off. Now, Matthew Williamson is a highly recognized and sought after brand in the industry. Having designed variety of dresses for men, women as well as children, Matthew Williamson has successfully penetrated the fashion market.

In 2008, Matthew was awarded ‘Red Carpet Designer’ at British Fashion Award and he has won many nominations for his contribution to fashion.

Matthew Williamson’s collection is a sensation. 

Fashion designer Matthew Williamson is not hesitant to admit his sexuality. With more and more gay celebrity popping up it is not as unusual as it used to be. Matthew has openly admitted that he has a crush on the 50 Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan. Matthew is rumored to be dating Jeremy Tiang. Jeremy too, seems to be deeply infatuated with Matthew. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. It seems he is not planning to get married anytime soon.

Before he admitted that he was gay, questions were raised about the characteristics of his potential wife. At that time he had not commented anything which also increased suspicion.

Matthew Williamson’s net worth is recorded to be around $50 million.