Gay director Victor Salva, who is a convicted child molester, back with the third installment in the series of Jeepers Creepers movies.

HitBerryPublished on   16 Mar, 2016Updated on   19 May, 2021

American director Victor Salva is one of those person who Hollywood loves to hate, and rightfully so for that matter. The 57 years old gay director who is a registered sex offender has managed to make several people angry through his unethical behavior. And the recent revelations about his upcoming work have made those people even angrier.  

After directing the first two installments of the Jeepers Creeper series, it has recently been confirmed that Salva will be performing directorial duty in the third movie of the series, set to hit the theaters in 2017, too. This has sent the audience crazy, some of whom have even claimed this to be act of disgrace by the series’ producers. But the producers of the series have backed Salva to direct the third installment too, stating he is the main reason behind the success of the series.

Even though there are many people who still have doubts about whether or not Salva should be allowed to work with child actors anymore, some of his fans argue that the director is a changed man and his art should be admired regardless of his past. Jeepers Creepers, one of the most successful horror movies of the early 2000s, grossed nearly 60 million dollars.

He was convicted for molesting a child during the filming of his movie ‘Clownhouse’ in 1988. He reportedly forced 12-years old star Nathan Forrest Winters to have oral sex with him. He also filmed the whole thing. This tape was discovered when the police raided his house. Salva was sentenced 3 years in prison for his act, but he has released after only 15 months on parole.

Salva is among one of the few Hollywood stars, whose career was not ruined after being convicted as a sex offender. After being released from the prison, he worked as a telemarketer, writing the scripts for movies during his free time.  Five years after his release from prison he wrote and directed ‘The Nature of the beast’. After that he has directed movies like Rites of Passage, Peaceful Warrior and Rosewood Lane, all of which has been positively received.

There are no known leads about who Salva is dating, whether is married with wife, divorced, has a girlfriend or even a boyfriend. Given his background, it is understandable that the director wants to keep his romantic life a secret.

Despite the fact that his movies are very successful commercially and his artistic vision is admired by several of his co-workers in Hollywood, Salva gets enormous amount of hate for his troubled past in social media platforms. Because of this, the American director has decided to stay away from Facebook, Twitter and other such sites.

His net worth remains unrevealed at the moment.