Gay actor Rex Lee talks about the difficulties in dating, gay relationships and marriage

December 14, 2015
First Published On: December 14, 2015
by HitBerry

Gay marriage is still a taboo in sections of our society. And recent revelations form Rex Lee proves that it is still somewhat of a taboo in Hollywood too. In his recent public interaction, he discussed how being openly gay in Hollywood changed his life and how gay actors are looked down upon in Hollywood.

United States has already made same sex marriage legal through in the states by passing a bill on February 2015. But, the stigma that was present in our society regarding gay relationship hasn’t disappeared at all. Dating as a gay person is very hard in society. Getting married is even harder.  And it seems it very difficult to be gay in Hollywood also. Recent disclosure from Entourage star Rex Lee has given us a new outlook over how difficult it is to be a gay in Hollywood.

“I have heard racial insults. I have heard jokes aimed at my sexuality. But I try to not let it bother me”, the actor said. While same sex marriages are already a common thing and widely accepted in Europe, USA still seems to have a problem with it. Rex Lee has joined the long list of celebrities who claim that they have faced discrimination from co-workers after coming out as gay.

“Finding a date as a gay man in Hollywood is very hard. People view gay relationship like something that is unnatural, unaware that 57 animals in nature exhibit homosexuality”, the actor told our reporter. The actor also added that it is not possible to reveal someone whom you have had a gay relationship with since most of the gay actors from Hollywood have kept their sexuality a secret.

The actor believes that the view that our society has about gay relationship is slowly changing. Gay partners are now being just as accepted as girlfriend and wife. And recently, many actors have come out as gays including famous names like Neil Patrick Harris. He claims that this will help gay relationships become more accepted in the society.

He is an American by nationality, but Rex Lee was born to South American immigrants in the 1969. He has stated in his interviews that his parents have no problem with him being a gay. Lee came out as gay at the age of 22.  He has also thanked his parents on multiple occasions for remaining supportive after he came out. He has also expressed a wish that more parents were like his.

Rex Lee is a established name in television. He has played major parts in HBO TV series Entourage, and in the sit-com ‘Suburgatory’. His appearance in movies however is not that common. Since the actor is Asian by ethnicity, he often plays the role of Asian character in movies.

Rex Lee is also present in Instagram. He post pictures about gay pride and promotes equality through his account. His Twitter handle @Rxlee_ has  nearly 15k followers. His net worth is not yet revealed.