Gay Actor David Hyde Pierce, who has been married to partner Brian since 2008, planning to adopt a baby??

August 13, 2015
First Published On: August 13, 2015
by HitBerry

Is gay actor David Hyde Pierce planning to adopt a baby with his husband Brian Hargrove? 

The gay couple, who married in 2009 are said to be making plans to expand their family very soon. Rumor has it that the Hyde aged 56 and his 59 year old partner have been thinking of bringing a new member to their family via adoption. The news about their plans has not hit the media yet but sources have claimed that the rumors are true. 

If this power couple is indeed indeed eager to start a new phase in their life and take in a baby, it will surely be a great example for countless other gay people who crave to bear children. If the speculations are genuine then it will pass on a very strong message that LGBT people can also raise children as good parents. 

Despite the rumors, the Hyde-Hargrove pair has not spoken anything about it yet. They have kept mum about the matter and have hardly said anything about their reported decision to adopt a child. 

David Hyde and his writer partner have gone through a very hard time in their life. The couple, who has been in a relationship since 1980s, struggled to cover up their romance from the prying eyes of media and notorious paparazzi. There were numerous speculations in media about Hyde’s sexuality for years. Many people had doubts that he was gay, but the Emmy Award winning actor didn’t disclose his sexuality until the announcement of his romantic relationship with Hargrove, who was his boyfriend back then in 2007. The actor’s publicist confirmed to the media that the television writer, director and producer Hargrove was his partner for life. 

The Frasier star even thanked Hargrove while accepting his Tony Award for Curtains saying: "my partner, Brian, because it's 24 years of listening to your damn notes—that's why I'm up here tonight."

The couple married in California on October 24, 2008, just days before ‘Proposition 8’ was adopted as law in California. The Proposition 8 banned same-sex marriages in the state. Hyde, enraged with the new law against the same-sex marriages, publicly announced his marriage for the first time on May 28, 2009 as a guest on The View and even expressed his anger about the approval and implementation of Proposition 8.

Hyde and Hargrove have stayed strong together despite the illegality of the gay marriage. And now that the same-sex marriage has been legalized in all states in the United States of America, same-sex couples like them have come out of the cocoon. Gay marriages are a common sight in the USA now and it would not be surprising if David Hyde adopts a baby with his beloved partner. After all, every one, whether they are straight or gay, has the right to marriage and right to bear or adopt children. 

But despite the speculations, the couple has yet to announce their plans for adoption publicly. We hope to hear more about this pretty soon.