Gay actor Darryl Stephens talks about dating, boyfriends and religion

October 6, 2015
First Published On: October 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Darryl Stephens is black, gay and very proud to be who he is. But you would be surprised to learn that this talented young actor had to remain closeted despite being the lead gay cast on a gay TV show “Noah’s Arc” on a gay cable network The Logo. The actor talked about his homosexuality and life in the closet, his new book, dating, boyfriends and religion in a recent interview.

The handsome actor, who has been mesmerizing his male fans by going shirtless every now and then, is currently dating boyfriend Wade Robinson. He has openly shared his views on his dating life, boyfriends, religion and his experiences on how he dealt with people’s attitude regarding his sexuality.

He starred as a lovable, handsome and sexy yet hopelessly romantic Noah on The Logo’s gay TV show Noah’s Arc. The actor portrayed the role of a black gay man in the TV show dealing with the lives of other black men living in LA. It was back in 2005 and now, after a decade, he came up with his tell-all book about love, loss, dating, sex and his career as a real gay black man.

In an interview with, the 41 year old actor revealed how his real self and Noah get mixed up and people find it hard to separate them.

He said, “For years after that show [Noah’s Arc] I was getting, you know, approached very aggressively by men who thought I was going to bend in the same way Noah would.”

Despite talking about his lover on his book, the actor didn’t seem eager to discuss his personal love life further. When asked if he had ever thought of getting married, he refused to reveal anything.

Stephens, unlike other Hollywood celebs, likes to interpret religion in a bit different way. His view on religion has been provoking controversies as well as heavy support from LGBT community. The actor has posted several tweets on his Twitter handle, which clearly expresses his dissatisfaction on the way church and government differentiate between homosexuals and heterosexuals.

“Religion is like a penis.”

“The #GOP (Republican Party) uses religion as a "get out of jail free" card, but only works for white heterosexual Christians. #hypocrisy”

“The only thing your religious freedom guarantees you is the right to find another job if the one you have conflicts with your beliefs. #BYE”

The actor, aged 41, opposes the so-called politicians and religious leaders, who mistreat people belonging to the LGBT community. In his book he revealed how he was never raised as a Christian. He wrote: “There is a quote by Pastor Dewey Smith, in which he says, “You can’t evangelize and antagonize at the same time."

“[There are] all these Black folks who are talking about how you need to come to God, but then in the very next breath saying you are unholy unless you change who you essentially are. The church really has to come to grips with the fact that no one chose this and this is something that we are all blessed with. For you to decide someone’s sexuality is worthy of condemning someone to hell, if this is what your religion is teaching you, you really have to question where the Christ-like teaching is in that dogma because it is really contradictory. The Black church has been about community building. For there to be this random point that you need to divide us on, who are you serving? I think it’s really a matter of Black folks questioning how are you being Christ-like or loving by condemning people who are not hurting you in anyway?”

The Another Gay Movie star penned down his experiences in his life as a black gay man and his struggle in Hollywood in his book. Darryl recollected all his bitter memories as an actor and as a gay black American. According to the actor, the book details his time in Noah’s Arc and about typecasting, self-loathing and acceptance.

Talking to, the actor revealed how he and his fellow cast members from the hit dramedy struggled to handle the press during the making and promotion of the show. He revealed, “When we made Noah’s Arc, every interviewer was asking: Are the actors gay or straight? Now, with Jack Falahee on How to Get Away with Murder, we know straight and gay actors can play straight or gay characters. It’s less an issue for the press.” He continued, “The culture is changing a lot, and you are seeing 12-13 year-olds coming out. There is no way I could have come out when I was that age.”