Gates McFadden and her husband, John Talbot, have been supporting their son since he was very young.

April 4, 2016
First Published On: April 4, 2016


Gates McFadden is an American actress and choreographer who was born in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on March 2, 1949. After graduating from Brandeis University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts, she moved to Paris and studied theatre with actor Jacques Lecoq. She has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. She is now an established actor and choreographer.

She is most famous for her role of Dr. Beverly Crusher in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series and in the four subsequent films.  She is an established choreographer as well. She Before Star Trek, McFadden often worked for Jim Henson Productions, including the films The Dark Crystal as choreographer, Labyrinth as director of choreography and puppet movement, The Muppets Take Manhattan as a choreographer with a brief on-screen appearance and uncredited work on Dreamchild, again for supervising choreography and puppet movement.

As a way of distinguishing her acting work from her choreography, she is usually credited as "Gates McFadden" as an actress and "Cheryl McFadden" as a choreographer. 

Gates McFadden is equally attached to theatre as she has done quite a lot of work in theatre, she said, “Theatre really is my first love. I love the stage, performing for an audience. Some of my favorite credits would have to be the Shakespeare work I did in New York and to Gillian on her 37th Birthday.”

She got married after a longtime relationship with John Talbot, a contractor by profession. The actress gave birth to their only son James Cleveland McFadden- Talbot on June 10, 1991.  Gates McFadden and her husband John Talbot have been supporting their son since he was very young. The couple does not have other children.

On an interview done with Chicago Tribune on April 09, 1993 when her son was only a year and half old, the couple mentioned how supportive they are to their son and will continue to do so in the future as well. As mentioned in the interview, with her mother to help out, McFadden brings little Jack (James Cleveland McFadden- Talbot) to the studio every day. Her son Jack visits her for four hours every day on set. It shows how hard she is trying to be with her son despite her busy schedule. Being there for your children really matters in their social, emotional and mental growth and the actress is trying to make the best possible arrangement to ensure her son gets the same. Like any other loving mother, the actress mentioned, "He's a year and a half old but wears the clothes of a 3-year-old. He's huge."  Jack is 24 years old now, but his parents still continue to support him through life and all the hard decisions one has to make.

She has an estimated net worth of $3 million, which is not verified or given in any news.