Gary Gulman dating fellow comedienne, Sade Pilot, head over heels over his new girlfriend

HitBerryPublished on   11 Sep, 2015Updated on   11 Sep, 2015

Gary Gulman has a towering height of 6’6’’ and he can easily tickle our funny bones. He makes us laugh even if we don’t want to. He is that funny, you see. He is Charlie Chaplin of the 21st century, only taller.

Gulman has always brought smile on our faces and made us giggle at his silly jokes. But this guy, full of humor, has never really been very open about his personal life. We don’t recall a single moment when he might have had said anything about his private life. We have seen him making comical jest about a girlfriend of his who happened to be his boss accidently, but never has he spoken about his real life girlfriend. Until now! For the first time, Gulman has opened up about something which has rarely caught media attention, his new girlfriend.

Gary Gulman is currently dating the not-so-popular actress Sade Pilot. Pilot is the girl who appeared in the 2009 movie called Passing Strangers, which is her only movie till date. She plays the role of a model and she appears for a very short period of time only. Though the black beauty might have had least success in the show biz and she might have failed to impress audiences, she has surely impressed the stand-up comedian with her charm and beauty.

Gulman is so much in love with her that he is openly speaking about the love of his life. Sade Pilot and Gulman started dating very recently. They were first seen together earlier this year as they attended several award shows and functions together. The newly hooked up couple made their presence known on an evening with director Bobcat Goldthwait and Barry Crimmins at The Friars Club on July 28, 2015 in New York City.

The lovely pair posed for pictures and they seemed quite happy together. The curly haired beauty was seen wearing a black dress with floral prints while her man was dressed casually in sky blue t-shirt and dark blue pair of jeans. Gulman wore a pair of loafers and his girlfriend was seen wearing a pair of beautiful black heels. The lover duo looked over the moon as Mr. Hilarious had his hand over Sade’s shoulder.

Gulman, who is pretty secretive about his personal life, seems quite open about his relationship with Sade. As a source revealed, the comedian was heard speaking about her during a party. The source, who was present in the occasion said, “Gulman was in a pretty jolly mood. He introduced his girlfriend to several guests in the party and he told them how she has changed his life.”

“He is quite positive about her. He didn’t leave her for a second while they were there. He kept holding her hand, bringing her drinks and even kissed her on her cheek once. Sade seems quite comfortable but blushed when he gave her the kiss,” said the informant.

According to the gossipmonger, the finalist of the NBC reality-talent show Last Comic Standing talked to one of his friends about how lucky he felt with Sade. He also added that the stand-up comedian was so serious about his relationship with her that he wanted to settle down with her. So he wants to make her his wife! Well, that’s cool.

Gulman has never been married to anyone. It was once rumored that he was gay. But now, he has dispeled the rumors about his sexuality.

Gulman is constantly entertaining us via Twitter. He has estimated net worth of $700,000.