Gary Arbuckle and WABC-TVs Meteorologist Amy Freeze married for 2 decades and have 4 children together

September 18, 2016
First published on:September 18, 2016
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Being together for decades and sharing tonnes of memories with each other is a really amazing experience. Gary Arbuckle and Amy Freeze have shared their 22 great years together. They are blessed with four children and a wonderful happy life. Seeing this couple together we guess everyone wants to live a love life like them. 

Amy Freeze

Gary Arbuckle is the loving husband of Amy Freeze and they are married since 22 years. Analysing the years of their marriage we can probably assume that Gary and Amy are happy together. Amy Freeze certainly doesn’t need any introduction; she is a familiar face on American television. Amy is working as an American weekend television meteorologist since 2011 at WABC-TV in New York.


Gary Arbuckle and Amy Freeze love life.

Gary Arbuckle and Amy Freeze dated for a year before getting married. Amy Freeze was Gary's high school sweetheart; they met in 1993, at Brigham Young University. While they met for the first time Gary was Cosmo and Amy was a cheerleader.

Gary Arbuckle and Amy Freeze with their children

Gary and Amy when met in university intensely fell in love and developed high trust and understanding between each other. They got married shortly after they dated.

Short Bio of Gary Arbuckle

Gary Arbuckle is a chiropractic who was born in Los Angeles. He chooses natural health care as his profession as he watched his family get improved. Dr. Gary Arbuckle became a chiropractic assistant from his early life. He got the title of EAS Body for LifeChampions in 1999 and began private practice. In 2004, he opened his second private practice and worked with athletes.

In 2010, he with a partner started a company and branded their product that produces magical results in weight loss.

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Gary Arbuckle and Amy Freeze successful married life

Sharing 2 decades of their life together this couple has developed deep mutual understanding. They believe in each other and have stuck together in every situation. They have four children as the representation of their love, Tyler, Kate, Jared and William.


Gary is proved to be very supportive and hold on to Amy from the time they promised to be together. Amy too loves her husband and children as much as Gary does and prefer to spend her spare time being with her family. And yes they undoubtedly have an adorable family.  


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