Game of Thrones star Michelle Fairley rumored to be getting married to her long term boyfriend

December 4, 2015
First Published On: December 4, 2015
by HitBerry

Michelle Fairley, better known as Catelyn Stark to her fans, has dismissed all rumors that have been building over the past few weeks suggesting she was getting married to a mystery man come 2016. Michelle has stated that she has no intentions of tying the knot and wishes to remain single for the time being.

Michelle has yet to marry and has said she has not yet found her ideal husband. Sources close to her have also said that Michelle will never find a suitable husband as she loves her single life way too much and doesn’t want to get married.

However, as a teenager and a young adult, Michelle was known to have gone through a lot of boyfriends. Sources have also said that she was known in her home town for breaking many young boys’ hearts. Michelle, early on in her career, had time and again been voted into the top ten sexy female celebrities of Ireland. She was also, at one time, known to be the hottest female celebrity in Ireland.

Michelle has not only has made news for her rumored marriage, but also for her possible return to the Game of Thrones TV show. Her character Catelyn, who is killed off at the end of season three, has been rumored to return coming April, 2016 in the sixth season of the series.

According to the book series, she is entitled to a fierce comeback and has more to do this coming season. Fan theory has also suggested that she will be raising her own militia army who are going to give the Lannisters a whole lot ofhell.

Michelle was one of the most loved characters on the show, second only to Jon Snow. Fans were devastated when they saw her character killed off and have ever since been demanding her return as the book entitles her to.

However, the show’s creators have yet to confirm her return. Sources close to the show have said the creators have remained very clandestine about the characters in the upcoming season as doing so gives the fans even more excitement and joy when they characters are finally revealed come April next year.

Michelle has had a splendid career in the movies and in TV series alike. She has featured in over 30 different projects so far. Her most recent appearance will be in the movie” In the Heart of the Sea”, which has been highly anticipated due to its star cast and also because fans have been waiting to see the transformation made by Michelle’s fellow co-star Chris Hemsworth.  

Michelle, despite being a much followed personality on the media, has not made herself available on social media. She maintains a very discreet private life and has yet to make a profile on popular social net working platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Her net worth has been estimated to be around $20 million.